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10 sensational staircases designed to lift you up

Leigh Leigh
by ROOMERS Iндустріальний
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Stairs are one of the most necessary elements when a house or apartment has two or more floors. Unless there is an elevator or another device for moving between floors, stairs are an absolute basic for these spaces.

Like every functional feature, there are many who install them without much imagination or creativity. However, there are also those who put creativity, commitment, innovation and style into functional design. This is even more prominent when there is a small space to work with!

These 10 beautiful stairs are designed for spaces that are smaller than most. These are sure to inspire you!

1. Floating stairs

We start off this article with this striking design, which reminds us that stairs don't have to take up too much space.

These original and unique stairs drop down, seemingly out of the ceiling, with large gaps in between. This allows light to filter through and gives the impression that the wooden stairs are floating. 

This beautiful staircase contributes to the aesthetic design of the interiors, while economizing the space available. The staircase is discreet yet noticeable.

2. Compact wood

These gorgeous, original and practical stairs stand out at first sight for several reasons. What is most noticeable, however, is the unique and special distribution. Each step is a different height!

The stairs feature a beautiful, warm and earthy colour, which is ideal for family environments. The design also saves on space, thanks to the shape and width. In fact, it has considerably smaller dimensions compared to most other stairs that can be found out there.

3. Double functionality and child-friendly

класичний  by uniQ , Класичний

What we come across here are beautiful stairs that are functional and picturesque as well as ideal for environments with small children.

Designed by professionals UNIQ, the stairs look like a play area but are also of high quality, very sturdy and very reliable. They can be placed in any family home!

This type of staircase requires some expert mastery in terms of planning, execution and installation. 

4. Slightly subtle

сучасний  by TKstairs, Сучасний

tkstairs case study 8400-Cobham


These stairs demonstrate how even with a little bit of space, expert designers can preform miracles.

This creative and innovative solution features stairs that are practical and functional while taking up absolutely minimum space. 

This is a great example of how a staircase also doesn't have to be big or flashy to pack a punch.

5. Take advantage of each corner

This pleasant staircase is not only beautiful but thanks to its unique shape and form, it enhances the limited space, making the most of a wasted corner.

Have a look at these tips for getting creative with those wasted corners.

This design is also very striking thanks to its original colours, which are very striking against the white wall and light, wooden floors. 

6. Interesting curvature when space is lacking

by Lesomodul Iндустріальний

Curved stairs are nothing new, however, they really help to make the most of areas of the home that have reduced space. As we can see in the image, they also have a very original quality to them. The spectacular contours gives an area of a home a beautiful focal point.

What's more is that this design features a wonderful contrast between white and brown, with the stairs adding a great aesthetic value and classic design to the home that is difficult to replicate.

7. Stick to the wall

Who said that stairs with reduced space can't be classy, modern and chic too?

This photograph removes any doubts about it! It also presents us with a wonderful staircase that is a flawless balance between functionality and style. At the same time, it gives the home a good dose of beauty and class.

8. Metal additions

сучасний  by URBN, Сучасний

Lighting is a fundamental part of a home as it greatly affects the appearance of everything within it, as we can see with these stairs. The lighting has been used to enhance the beauty and durability of the stairs, resulting in a gorgeous look and feel.

Have a look at these dazzling lighting ideas for modern houses for inspiration!

9. Spiral-lined and tiled

by ROOMERS Iндустріальний

We continue to find ourselves among some extraordinary modern staircases that surprise and delight!

In this image, we come across a masterful piece of work, with stairs that are a true focal point of the home. Combined with ambient light, the details of the staircase literally light up. 

This is a great example of a staircase that is special and original.

10. A mix of materials

This beautiful staircase is tucked into the corner of the home, taking up as little space as possible. They are very practical as well as very striking, thanks to the mix of materials that the designers have used. The stone elements, the sandy tiles and the white walls all work in harmony with one another to create a fabulous set of stairs.

If you've enjoyed looking through these photographs, we invite you to continue to explore our site. You will also love these 13 staircases you have to see to believe as well as these wooden staircases that wow.

by Casas inHAUS Сучасний

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