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The creation of an incredible garden man cave!

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It doesn't make you any less of a committed family member if you admit that sometimes, you just want a little peace and quiet and adult time. With that in mind, you'll need a space in the house that is a kid-free zone and we think you'll already know how unlikely that is to happen, given that kids wander into the bathroom while you're using it, so have you considered building yourself a garden man cave? We aren't massively happy about that term, as obviously, women can and will use them too, so perhaps we'll call them parent grotto instead! Just imagine having a room dedicated to listening to your music, watching films you like and all without being interrupted! It sounds like heaven right? Well that's exactly what today's project is! Come with us now as we take a look at every parents dream hideaway and marvel at the beautiful design, created by a talented architect,  that actually adds to the garden aesthetic, instead of ruining it!

Before: bare bones.

We can only imagine how exciting it was to see these walls go up, as they herald the start of something indulgent and well-deserved! Working with a garden plot that isn't square, the shape of this building had to be adapted to suit, but you can already see what a generous addition this is going to be!

Before: cheap construction methods.

Before you start thinking that breeze blocks and red bricks aren't exactly a pretty combination for a new garden room, don't fret as they have been used to save money, help with a faster construction method and will, eventually, be covered up! While this new room might be a treat, it wasn't intended to cost a fortune, so keep reading to see how it changes!

Before: handy touches.

Imagine settling down in your new parent grotto to watch a film and you need to use the toilet. You don't want to go traipsing back into the house, where you'll get asked a barrage of questions by your kids, so the answer is simple; include a small bathroom in the grotto itself! Here, you can see the plumbing in place and ready to go!

After: beautiful detailing.

Good grief! Now this really is a dream parents getaway! A fully self-contained space, with a living room, kitchen and bathroom and even a stylish wood burner, you'd hardly need to ever go in the main house again! We think you would have a struggle to keep the kids out though, as this would be a super cool place for sleepovers, so how strict can you be? We think we might start a few more arguments if we had this in our garden, so we could go sleep in there regularly!

After: the big reveal.

Wow. We saved this picture until last, just so you could fully appreciate how incredible this garden room is! Cost-effective but wonderfully luxurious and chic, it offers valuable extra living space which can start to really come at a premium in a busy family home! The addition of a decked terrace adds a certain something too and helps to bed the new addition into the garden perfectly. We think we need a private grotto now!

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