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10 exquisitely elegant living rooms ideas

Leigh Leigh
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So what makes a living room elegant

In short, we believe that an elegant atmosphere does not only come from the use of accessories, but also the optimum use of space. It's all about attention to detail as well as how light is utilized.

homify has curated 10 living rooms we think exude a certain je ne sais quoi. We will explore the different styles that existand how different design professionals from around the world have played with light and space in very unique ways.

We hope they inspire you to create an elegant living space.

1. Elegant beach look and feel

In this image, we can imagine ourselves right on the beach!

The blue and white colours, the clear view of the exterior space and the use of wood are very effective. It would not surprise us if this elegant living room was in the center of a busy metropolis, however. Yet the designers have managed to create a sense of calm and tranquility, with natural light flowing in from all sides. 

The first impression is that you feel like you are among the clouds with fresh air flowing through. The result is a very elegant and refreshing look and feel.

2. Fireplace in the living room

The second living room that we visit also has optimum use of natural light. 

Here, the designers have opted for a minimalist approach. The details used are simple and functional, enhancing the design. Don't you love the gorgeous blue bottle, which shows just how effective attention to detail can be?

By adding a crackling and modern fireplace, this elegant living area is simply perfect.

3. Elegant and industrial

When we think of an industrial design, we think of something that is rough and unpolished, but this design shows how living industrially can also result in a very elegant look and feel.

Here we come across all of the ingredients of industrial living, including cement, clean lines and functional pieces. The unpolished materials bring a very elegant touch to the space. Don't you love the funky red chairs? The plastic material and the smooth shapes are very understated yet savvy.

4. Scandinavian elegance

In this living room, we come across a beautiful example of Scandinavian design.

The material used in this area has been mainly chosen due to its sustainability, such as the wood. The designer has truly been thoughtful about each element in this space.

The charming assemble of different colours create a very earthy and warm environment.

5. Minimalist and elegant

This living room is very simple, with its predominantly white tones. Every element is functional too. The kitchen, which is attached to the living room, keeps with this trend. 

The absence of colour is very beautiful and creates a unique and elegant look and feel. The big advantage of using light tones is that they emphasize space and reflect the natural light.

6. Elegant details

These candle holders are the latest trend in living room design. By using these glass candle holders, you can create a beautiful and eye-catching interior design. 

Candle light also creates a beautiful soft glow in this area of the home, resulting in a delightful ambiance.

7. Light in the elegant living room

rOOtstudio Вітальня

After talking about candle light, we come across this gorgeous living area. Here the living and dining rooms make optimal use of daylight. 

The huge Japanese-style windows allow sunlight to flow into the interiors. This immediately creates an elegant living room. 

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8. Elegance in a terraced house

When we have access to the outdoors, we have to take full advantage of it. As we can see in this design, a living room connected to a terrace can be a very big advantage.

For starters, a large glass sliding door can provide a living room with an abundance of natural light during the day. Skylights can further add to this. 

The colours chosen for this area work in harmony with the natural light, creating a very pleasant atmosphere. 

Tip: Add a pot plant or a vase of flowers for a subtle form of elegance.

9. Elegant accessories

homify Вітальня

These lampshades are a wonderful example of how you can use refined materials to really add a unique and pleasant touch to your elegant living room. It can even be a fun DIY project for the whole family!

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