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Cobertura Leblon , Escala Arquitetura Escala Arquitetura Тераса
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The maxim 'less is more' has become a staple of modern interior design and architecture, with clean lines and streamlined surfaces often popular for their contemporary, minimalist appeal. Thus it's always a delight when designers buck the trend, as is the case with Rio de Janeiro's Escala Arquitetura, who have taken this lovely home in Brazil and infused it with vibrant, eclectic decoration.

The décor of the home is stylish and simple, with white walls and ceilings combined with wood and concrete finishes to create the ideal backdrop for an infusion of artistic decorative elements. Colourful chaos brims from the shelves and walls of the living room, with artwork, photographs, sculptures and souvenirs covering practically every corner of the expansive space. Through a set of large, glass sliding doors a courtyard rests resplendent in its own vibrant decoration, with brightly coloured furnishings and an array of tropical plants evoking a joyous and engaging atmosphere, which delights in its unique style.

The bathroom and powder room within the home contrast in their design, presenting more subdued spaces, with white, alabaster and wood used throughout the décor. Personalisation and decoration still abound however, just with slightly more subtlety. Tucked away on the home's lower level rests a jewel of a room, with a private study laying in wait for big kids to descend for work or play and bask in the casual, cool colours and warm wooden tones used to decorate this space.

Take a tour below and see which element of this eclectic design would best add character to your own home!

Colourful courtyard

Cobertura Leblon , Escala Arquitetura Escala Arquitetura Тераса

Beginning in the courtyard of this amazing home we instantly get a glimpse of the unique and vibrant character infused within the decoration. Furnishings are lively and colourful, with bright tones chosen to evoke a joyous atmosphere. Bordering the striking orange, green and pink of the outdoor setting is a casual garden comprised of potted, tropical plants. These refresh space with hints of nature, and contribute an added sense of privacy, hedging the courtyard from the prying eyes of neighbours and passers-by. 

Spiralling upwards in the distance is a sleek, grey metal staircase, providing access to the upper level of the home while also adding yet another inventive design feature.

Combined indoor and outdoor living

Cobertura Leblon , Escala Arquitetura Escala Arquitetura Вітальня

Moving through to the living area of the home and its evident that the designer has chosen to create a space that is open and expansive, taking full advantage of the warm, Brazilian climate. Large, glass sliding doors can be fully retracted to amalgamate indoor and outdoor living spaces, with the eclecticism of the decoration flowing beautifully between the two areas.

Notably, the decor and furnishings within the space have been kept simple and streamlined, with a white lounge suite and white walls and ceilings coupled with polished concrete and wood shelving for a classic effect. This backdrop has been substantially dressed up however, with artwork, knick knacks and personal artefacts covering practically every surface, creating a colourful and engaging environment in which to relax or entertain.

Eclectic living room

Cobertura Leblon , Escala Arquitetura Escala Arquitetura Вітальня

This vantage of the living room displays the home's eclectic decoration in  its full glory, with practically every inch of wall covered in artwork, objects and photos. A large, square coffee table and lengthy shelves in wood and polished concrete provide ample space to house decorative elements, which intrigue in their diversity, as a number of styles and materials have been combined to wonderful, vibrant effect. 

The white lounge suite has been supplemented by a luxurious leather armchair and footstool of Scandinavian design, with a bright red lamp zig-zagging above to provide localised illumination.

Square dining table

Cobertura Leblon , Escala Arquitetura Escala Arquitetura Їдальня

The dining space is relaxed, expansive and borders the courtyard, contributing to the sense of combined indoor and outdoor living within the home whenever the sliding doors are open. The space is beautifully framed by the colour and character of an artistic floral mural leaning casually against the wall, having been painted on a canvas of bathroom tiles.

The unique design of the square dining table presents an intriguing and stylish decorative element and is coupled with the softer tones of the suede chairs, which add a textural contrast amidst the brown colour scheme. It's a great setting in which to host casual, lively dinner party and admire the eclectic decoration buzzing about this extraordinary home.

Warm curves in the powder room

Cobertura Leblon , Escala Arquitetura Escala Arquitetura Ванна кімната

The powder room oozes welcoming warmth, with the cloudy eggshell tone of the curved walls presenting a more homely, comfortable feel than traditional, pristine white. The style of the room has been kept simple, with its decoration relatively subdued when compared with the home's living area, although playful bursts of colour still abound. 

The vibrant red and green of the pot plant, gleaming yellow cord of the hanging light and hot hues of the red rug and orange basket add spice to the space, in keeping with the home's overall design concept.

Sleek white and wood in the bathroom

Cobertura Leblon , Escala Arquitetura Escala Arquitetura Ванна кімната

The bathroom of the home represents a design departure when compared to the bubbling character of the living area, with the absence of colour presenting a striking contrast. White and wood comprise the majority of the décor, with soft lighting behind the mirror and natural light filtering through a large window adding warmth and freshness to the space. 

The shower and bath units have been combined in novel style, with the expansive 'wet' area sectioned by a large, glass divider, and the space has been subtly personalised through the inclusion of a couples sink, coffee cups and monogram towels.

Stylish private office space

Cobertura Leblon , Escala Arquitetura Escala Arquitetura Коридор

As we wind our way down a contemporary staircase we come to the lower level of the home, which houses this stylish, secluded office space. The wooden parquetry and timber bench and desk evoke a masculine atmosphere, with playful touches also included in the red, elephant stool and surfboard resting lazily against the wall.

Light streams through a large window of generous proportions and classic design, illuminating the smattering of colours and textures within this space, from the lofty palm tree and soft, aqua floor cushion to the photographs and decorations surrounding the desk. This office is a wonderful location in which to work or unwind, with the room emanating relaxed, stylish serenity.

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