15 modern wall ideas for your home

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The start of the new year is always a great time to start revamping your decor, and one place to start is with your walls. Depending of course, on which room you want to do-over, you can choose a very bold color with a confident, large pattern, or opt for an interesting texture in a more subdued tone. From multi-colored bathroom tiles that cover almost every surface, to geometric patterned wallpaper on a feature wall in the living room, the choices are endless when it comes to creating a unique and modern wall for your home. Let's start by seeing 15 of them. 

1. Mixing colors and using latticework.

This India-inspired sitting room has a huge mix of colors, but it works. White latticework, furniture and white detailing on the walls balance out the multi-hues. 

2. Textured and quietly dramatic.

homify Стіни ДСП Фіолетовий / фіолетовий

If you have stand-out furniture already like this mustard colored sofa, then try a textured wall in a rich, dark color, that complements it. This burgundy to chocolate tint is perfect. 

3. Stone walls for a retro feel.

homify Стіни ДСП Бежевий

Walls made from small pebbles will automatically give a wall a retro feel (think back to the 50s and 60s), but when paired with bold orange or gold, granite surfaces, and wooden flooring, your walls will be unique and fresh. 

4. Delicate color: intricate shapes.

If you love mixing patterns then go for it! Choose colors that have a similar intensity, or saturation. And break it all up with natural wood – in panels and in furniture. 

5. Bold but elegant patterns.

Even if you prefer classic furniture and sophisticated styling, it doesn't mean you can't have boldly patterned wallpaper as well. Pick a smaller pattern with at least one neutral color in it. 

6. A marble effect for the kitchen.

Marble isn't only for countertops in the kitchen – if you love the texture of it, then why not go for large, off-white faux-marble tiles like this kitchen has?

7. Recreating nature inside.

For a stunning look that nature lovers will love, this hallway is clad in vertical wooden paneling. The natural grain pattern works beautifully next to glass.  

If you can't get enough of wood, then check out this rustic house that uses it to maximum effect. 

8. Patterns aren't only for walls.

Looking at the same room incredible living room once again, you can really see how the colors divide the space up. We hope this encourages you to think about using pattern and color on your floor as well! .

9. Confident color contrasts.

For a more minimalist look, go for a wall covered in one color. This corrugated wall in midnight blue looks incredible next to the freshness of the white bedding and stained floor. 

10. Daring and decorative wallpaper.

Wallpaper isn't only used in the 70s – today there are hundreds of fresh and fun prints to use in your home. This bold red and white pattern would suit a living room, or even a dining room.

11. Rough it up.

If you interior is a little bit lackluster, then make a feature wall really stand out by adding uncut stones to the surface. It will make any surface instantly incredible.  

12. Sleek and subtle.

To create a memorable look, you don't always have to go with loud patterns. This dining room is sophisticated and elegant with marble texture and unique paneling covering it's walls. 

13. Adding a designer edge with concrete.

homify Коридор

If you want something fashionable and unexpected, try concrete slabs. They are as contemporary as you can get and will look great no matter what room you use them in. 

14. Splashes of color in the bathroom.

Bathrooms are the ideal place to use bright and fun colors. Keep it youthful, but peaceful with multi-colored blue tiling. And for added impact, use the tiles on the front of the bathtub too (a professional tiler will make sure it's all lined up properly)!

15. Luxurious detailing.

Perfect for a library or lobby, this distinct pattern is really something. Looking like upholstery on an expensive leather sofa, this black and gold patterned wall will make any space look luxurious and unique. 

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