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7 stunning ways to shake up your dining room style

Chloe Hines Chloe Hines
by Design Spirits Мінімалістичний
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Used for quality family time and time with friends and guests, dining rooms need to be the newest it-room in your home. Whether you're planning a charcuterie party with fabulous brunch drinks, or a family holiday, making sure your dining room is in tip-top form is something you won't regret. A dining room is one of those interesting spaces that you will find yourself using more the better you prepare and decorate it.

Below, we have several ways you can change your dining room to shake it up a bit. Some are permanent structural changes and others are more budget friendly and fun to try for a simply weekend DIY project! So take a look at our suggestions and give them a try!

1. Modern mesh chairs

by homify Еклектичний

If you make one investment in your living room, make sure it's high-end chairs and maybe a table as well. High-end designer chairs will last a lifetime and add a timeless and classic look to any dining room. These mesh chairs can literally mesh with any interior style nad with a quick change of cushion covers, you can change the colours for the upcoming season changes!

2. An exposed brick wall

Whether real or faux, exposed brick walls are a fantastic asset to decorate with. They work with modern, rustic, chic and industrial spaces and can be white-washed for a lighter palette or left alone for a more raw and industrial look. Here, the darker furnishings and pendant lights work perfectly with the brick walls.

3. Colourful pillows

Spice things up with accessories, minimal and colourful. This rustic/modern room is unique due to the modern furnishings and rustic interior. The colourful pillows are great for the spring and summer months – and during the fall and winter when colour palettes tend to get darker, you can easily cover them in new colours! They also have function in that they will make your guests feel comfortable and cosy during those long nights' in.

4. A wooden panel for privacy

by homify Мінімалістичний

Wood panels can be narrow or wide and add a sense of privacy for fine dining nights. They can also be a way to separate or divide space in studio apartments and smaller homes. By doing proper measurements and finding and staining the right wood, this can be a quick weekend DIY project that changes the entire look of your home.

5. A domed ceiling

by Design Spirits Мінімалістичний

This might be more difficult because it requires a structural change to your home. However, with proper planning it can easily be done. If a dome isn't possible in your home due to structural and budget reasons, try exposed ceiling beams to add a modern and rustic vibe, which is exactly what's seen here!

6. A great colour scheme

Choosing two or three colours all within the same family of shades is one of the best ways to add a substantial and cost-effective change to your dining room. The colour scheme here is browns, greys and bold blue for the walls. Make sure if you're choosing a dark colour scheme for the room that you stick with neutral furnishings to add a sense of balance. 

7. A chandelier for drama

by homify Сучасний Дерево Дерев'яні

One quick and easy way to improve your dining room is to add a chandelier. This doens't have to be an expensive endeavor – you can easily find a historic chandelier at flea markets and thrift stores and with a quick cleaning they look brand new!

We hope you try some of these fabulous tips in your dining room in order to have a great entertainment and dinner party year in 2017!

by Casas inHAUS Сучасний

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