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Today we are privileged to tour a home that's as beautiful as its picturesque forest surrounds. What is most special about this property is how the experts from Aleksandr Zydkov Architect have built a home that's so harmonious with nature.

There's an undoubted sense of sophistication in the design, achieved through the perfect detailing in the open layout, which reflects the changing seasons of the nature outside. The choice of timber used for both the internal settings and exterior was critical to the home's appealing aesthetic, with each room in the home having timber present in some form.

Come and take a look for yourselves! 

Natural form

Captured on a chilly winter's day, the home glows amongst the gloominess of the forest. With a strong connection to its surrounding natural landscape, this home reflects an amazing understanding of form and nature. The strong connection to the surrounding landscape was made possible, in particular, through the choice of timber cladding that wraps around the home. The natural look of the wood helps the home settle easily in its position, while the low lying form of the home isn't at all intrusive. 

A picture of calmness

A calming blue and white scheme welcomes us inside the living room of the home. It's a relaxed setting that has been organised for a feeling of inclusiveness, where everyone can gather on one of the many comfy couches. Timber boards on the wall above the exposed brick gives a warm feeling to the modern interior and provides a continuity from the exterior. 

Huge sections of glazing give the home an open and airy feel, while also allowing the beauty of nature to be brought into the home. Day and night, the light and shadows of the forests can filter through, creating an intimate relationship between the internal setting and the outdoors. 

A practical kitchen

The kitchen is the height of modern aesthetic but with all the functionality necessary for a keen home chef. Sitting centrally is the generous-sized island benchtop, which can be used as a working surface for meal preparation and as a place to eat quickly when needed. The transparent plastic bar stools are an interesting choice and partner well with the modern look of the kitchen. 

A quiet sitting room

At the front edge of the home, a second living area makes use of the remaining floorspace on the ground level. This room is suited more for quiet times rather than than hosting guests. The mixture of soft beige and cream forms a setting that epitomises elegance. Take note of the custom made timber bookcase that has been cleverly built into the wall. Beautiful!

The master bedroom

Once again we see blue and white make an appearance – this time inside the master bedroom. The subtle inclusions of blue help create a calming and peaceful ambience. Shades of blue also match easily with monochrome schemes, which is on trend at the moment.

Like the living room downstairs, the wall of glazing opens the room up, allowing light to enter and for views of the forest to be enjoyed every morning. 

Walk-in closet and en suite

Attached directly to the master bedroom is the master suite, including walk-in closet. Though the colour palette is fairly limited, the textural differences of the chosen materials provide all the contrast and variation this space needs.  

A great ending

Every aspect of this en suite is guaranteed to make those inside fell relaxed. We love how the warm tones of the timber contrast wonderfully against the cream and greys of the stone tiling. The rectangular shape of the bath is echoed in the choice of the his/hers bathroom sink. Not only a display of luxury, the sink is perfect solution to early morning bathroom confrontations!

Overall, this home shows the advantage of choosing an accomplished architecture and interior design company who can coordinate every detail of both the interior and the exterior. Aleksandr Zydkov Architect have achieved a well-thought-out home that was fully customised to meet the needs of their client.

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