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10 beautiful ideas to decorate your entrance!

Leigh Leigh
сучасний  by Elfa Deutschland GmbH, Сучасний
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The entrance hall of a house can be charming, even if it is small. Many people don't pay attention to this area of the house because they believe that because it is tiny, there are no viable ways to decorate it. However, there is always an option! One example is to paint the walls a different colour so that the space seems much bigger and more expansive.

Remember that an entrance hall, no matter how small, acts as the filter to the most private parts of the house. It's the space where you can receive visitors and thus is the first impression that people will get of your home, your style and your tastes.

This is why today at homify, we are going to give you 10 ideas that will allow you to take advantage of your entrance. You won't look back!

1. Hotel-style hall

сучасний  by Canan Delevi, Сучасний

If you're a fan of the lobby style of luxury hotels, then this entrance hall will enchant you. It features two-wall mounted lamps, which illuminate the area without taking up too much space. The suspended shelf follows the same concept. 

Design professionals Canan Delevi have also installed a small stool and mirror, which give the feeling of space.

The choice of pastel colours combined with white is not only very elegant but also conveys a sense of space.

2. Storage in the entrance hall

This space is very multi-functional, serving as both a corridor and a storage spot. 

Take inspiration from this Scandinavian-style design, which features shelving of different colours and heights – perfect for storing shoes and other items. The round hooks on the wall give the space a fun and functional touch!

3. Shoes in order

by homify Iндустріальний

Every inch of this little entrance hall was used up, thanks to the utilisation of vertical space. Here shoes and other items can be stored neatly away.

The shelves feature a sliding door as well as a light inside, so that the contents are easily accessible. 

In the front of the shelves, a minimalist bench was placed where guests and visitors can sit when they take off or put on their shoes.

4. Pastel colours with style

скандинавський  by PracowniaPolka, Скандинавський

This refined pastel furniture features several drawers that the residents can use for additional storage space. Storage is king for a small entrance hall!

5. Energy with colour

miniszyk by unikat:lab Мінімалістичний



In this design, we can see how a visual impact can be created, preventing us from noticing how small the space is. The main wall is painted a matte black while there is an original multi-coloured hanger on the wall. This is a great touch of style, enhanced by the pink bench.

6. Small and useful

сучасний  by Maze Interior, Сучасний

Even the smallest nook can be used to create a useful space. In this case, a narrow wall was used to add a cloakroom with eight, light wooden hangers that are very useful for hanging coats and handbags.

7. Eccentric

In this entrance, a vibrant colour was used so that the lack of space is barely noticeable. A shelf was mounted on the suspended wall with steel cables, bringing an edgy touch to the area. This is further enhanced by the black and white photographs. 

Tip: Don't be afraid to add a touch of your personality to your entrance hall in the form of a sculpture or artwork.

8. Leafy decor

In this entrance, a tall white pot with white plants was added – simple but very effective. It grabs attention is visually enlarges the space. 

The vibrant red tones at the back of the closet further enhance this space.

9. Elegant simplicity

Picture frames are best friends of small spaces. In this case, the black frames and funky pictures draw attention to the pastel walls. Fun touches and personality are also added in the form of bright yellow stools.

10. The classic

Wee House Interior by The Wee House Company Класичний
The Wee House Company

Wee House Interior

The Wee House Company

This classic entrance looks like a minimized version of the rest of the house. The entrance features a section where all coats can be stored as well as shelves for other items.

The white door and furnishings combine beautifully with the deep blue of the walls and the delicate peach colour of the floor.

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by Casas inHAUS Сучасний

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