Beat the chill: get your home winter ready

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Winter is coming again, which means so are shorter, cold days and all the inconveniences that they bring. Where the outside might be a no-go zone for a while, you can ensure that within your walls is a cosy, warm and inviting space that you will want to hibernate in and don't we all want that?

A cosy and gorgeous winter interior doesn't have to break the bank as with a few quick fixes, you can effortlessly make your home season-proof and ready to enjoy, whatever the weather is doing outside. Take a look at our tips and tricks for creating an unbeatable winter home and see if you are ready to wave goodbye to summer.

Decide on your style

When you go to adjust your interior for the winter, remember what style you want to keep in the back of your mind. Of course it doesn't have to be the case that you want to make big changes, as by using the right accessories, you can change the style and the atmosphere completely, but stay true to a wider and original ethos.

In this picture we see an old farmhouse, from De Plankerij, which has been transformed into a rural dream house with oak doors and oak parquet floors. The fireplace is graciously taking centre stage in this living space and we could see ourselves enjoying being away from the urban hustle and bustle on a cold winter's evening here. 

Rearrange furniture

In the warmer months, you will not use your heater much and are more likely to have your windows and doors open to let in some cooler air. In winter, you are going to be reaching for the heater and depending on it to stay warm, so we suggest that you think carefully about the current layout of your living space and see where you possibly can shift furniture to optimise the area and make the best use of heating. 

Make sure that heat sources are not blocked by furniture and also beware that your couch is not sat in a draughty spot. In winter we spend more time inside the house, so it is a good idea to keep it fresh and efficient, so that you can enjoy being in it as much as possible.

Choose your textiles

Warm accessories can do wonders for your interior and we just love warm plaid, soft pillows, lovely rugs on the floor and thicker curtains that can all make for a cosy winter look. You could even throw in a nice faux fur blanket too as this brings a guaranteed winter atmosphere! 

With small accessories such as this usually being very reasonable, cost-wise, you can effectively change up the atmosphere and feel of your living room for very little investment and when the warmer months come back around, simply store them for next time!

In addition to a stylish and warm atmosphere being provided by additional fabric, don't forget that a practical element is also at play. Thicker curtains can add insulation, as can rugs and thick carpets, so what are you waiting for? Get your winter home textiles now!

Add mood lighting and candles

Bimala brass lanterns homify хатнє господарство хатнє господарствохатнє господарство хатнє господарство хатнє господарство хатнє господарство хатнє господарство домогосподарстваАксесуари та прикраси

Bimala brass lanterns


Candles can come in very handy at home as they provide warmth, ambiance and tranquillity, not to mention intimate and romantic atmospheres in and around your home. In the summer, you are probably most likely to use them in the evenings for al fresco dining, but in winter, they can be lit at any time of day to really give your home a wonderfully cosy vibe.

Candles and tea lights come in different sizes, colours and scents and when you bring candle holders, candelabras, lanterns and tea lights holders into the picture too, you can place them everywhere according to your personal taste and style. The possibilities are endless!  In this picture we can see some beautiful glass lanterns finished with a gold-coloured steel frame and they are giving off such a warm and ambient feel that we know these would be a wonderful winter home addition. If candles aren't for you, however, you can also opt for traditional lighting that can be dimmed. Lovely!

Prepare your hallway

Let's not forget the functional spaces in the house, especially the hallway. We suggest that you invest, in the autumn, in a large dry mat so that wet footprints aren't traipsed throughout the house and in addition, depending on the type of front door you have, a well placed curtain can prevent draughts. 

As for the overall design of your hall, we really like the combination of pieces here, with beautiful cabinets, dressers and chests of drawers with a modern, sleek look all providing valuable storage that gives easy access to hats, coats and scarves as you head out of the door and into the cold.

Choose some accessories

Once the foundations of your winter home are laid, you can complete the look with appropriate winter accessories, but what exactly is the difference compared to other seasons ? Well, winter accessories and decorations contribute to a warm and cosy atmosphere .

Typical winter items come straight from nature, so think of pine cones, chestnuts or beautiful bright foliage. Put them in a pretty bowl or a glass vase and the smell alone is perfect for winter! What smells you choose are vital and we think you can't go wrong with cinnamon , pine , orange, apple and musk. These scents will create a wintry, cosy atmosphere in your home, without you having to open the doors!

For more seasonal inspiration take a look at this Ideabook: Autumn Decorating Ideas For Your Home.

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