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Your small wardrobe can actually be organised (we'll show you)

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A small wardrobe can quickly turn into a big problem if you don't know all the clever tricks for using the space in a more savvy way. Of course, we'd all love a huge dressing room that you can walk into and casually choose an outfit for the day. However, when house proportions won't allow, you need to get smart with the space you do have. 

We took a look at how interior designers make more of small wardrobes for their clients and picked up a few top tips that we're going to share with you today so, if you want a clutter-free bedroom and an easy to navigate wardrobe, read on!

1. Sort through your clothing and have an audit

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Before you even start thinking about trying to organise a small wardrobe, see how much room you can free up inside it first.

Be ruthless and cold-hearted, throwing out anything that is old and tatty, donating things that you don't wear much and even selling valuable pieces that you never put on. 

This could actually earn you money and space!

2. Include integrated accessory displays

Linen Walk-in-wardrobes Lamco Design LTD СпальняШафи і шафи
Lamco Design LTD

Linen Walk-in-wardrobes

Lamco Design LTD

If you have any flat surfaces in your wardrobe, a tray for accessories will be a great way to keep everything at arm's reach. 

But have no fear if not as a roll-up cosmetics pouch would work too, just hung on a hook! As long as the front is clear, you'll still be able to find what you need in an instant.

3. Use all the cubbyholes

Some small wardrobes have a myriad of built-in cubbyholes, but you might not be using them all. 

Don't forget that things such as bed linen and towels also need to be housed and these are the perfect spots for them. As you can roll towels up, you don't need to worry about creases from a small space.

4. Add hooks for bulky bags

Walk in Closet with storage for Shoes and Handbags designed and made by Tim Wood Tim Wood Limited ВбиральняЗберігання
Tim Wood Limited

Walk in Closet with storage for Shoes and Handbags designed and made by Tim Wood

Tim Wood Limited

It's fair to assume there are always a few handbags in your home, which can take up a lot of room. 

Counter this by adding hooks to the back of your wardrobe doors and popping bags inside each other before hanging them up. Et voila, instant extra bedroom storage!

5. Learn how to fold t-shirts properly

Here is a great tip for keeping your small wardrobe perfectly organised. 

When not folded properly, t-shirts take up so much room and can end up in a big mess. So, either teach yourself to 'shop fold', or buy a t-shirt folding board and see how much neater everything looks.

homify hint: Try stacking by colour too!

6. Decide what actually needs to be hung

If your small wardrobe is bursting at the seams, you might need to think about how many of your items actually need to be hung on bulky hangers.

Keep rail space reserved for shirts, smart trousers and dresses and you'll find everything has a lot more breathing space. All the other things can simply be folded.

7. Keep shoe boxes for accessories

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Whatever you do, don't throw your shoe boxes away.  They are invaluable storage, considering they're easy to stack and, with some cardboard divides, make amazing tie sorters, sock spaces or even accessory and jewellery organisers. 

Plus, they're free!

8. Add chains to hangers to double up

If you're contending with a truly tiny wardrobe, here is an amazing tip! 

Get to your local DIY store and buy some simple metal chain. Cut into two inch lengths, slip over a hanger and you can then hang extra hangers from the links! By hanging up to three or four items all on one hanger, you'll be saving so much room.

9. Wrap scarves around shower hooks

Oakhill Court, Putney Ardesia Design Спальня
Ardesia Design

Oakhill Court, Putney

Ardesia Design

Scarves are one of those accessories that seem to take up little room, but as soon as you have a few, suddenly they are spilling out of everywhere. 

Keep them uncreased and easy to reach by wrapping them around shower curtain hooks on a hanger. You'll get lots on there and never lose them again!

10. Keep shoes separately

Svärmor wallpaper Studio Lisa Bengtsson Стіни & ПідлогиШпалери Чорний
Studio Lisa Bengtsson

Svärmor wallpaper

Studio Lisa Bengtsson

When kept in their boxes, shoes become a huge space-drainer. You can prevent this by not trying to cram them all in your wardrobe. 

Make a display of all your shoe boxes against a wall and to go the extra mile, take a Polaroid snap of what's inside, fix it to the front of the corresponding box and just stand back and admire your collection!

11. Buy boxes for bed linen

Bed linen is one of those bulky home purchases that never really seems to find a home. It makes sense to keep it on your wardrobe but, when space is tight, we think you're better off buying pretty storage boxes and getting it out of there. 

If you have a top shelf, that's a great place for popping the boxes. If not, under your bed they go!

12. Have separate sections

The last thing you want to do is reach into your wardrobe to grab something for work and pull out something that belongs to your partner. 

Install a rail divide so that each of you has your own half of the space, then just look after your side. Don't forget that we all have preferred ways to organise our clothes, so take care of your own!

13. Go industrial

We love this industrial corner wardrobe, as it's small yet mighty effective and perfect for the job in hand. 

Handy racking can be adapted to include shelves, rails and baskets, so you'll be able to create the wardrobe that's absolutely perfect for you and your clothes.

14. Add bi-folding doors

Reclaimed Wardrobe Facit Homes Спальня
Facit Homes

Reclaimed Wardrobe

Facit Homes

A small wardrobe needs to be easy to get into, or you're really compounding the problem. 

Removing old doors and replacing them with bi-folding versions means you can expose everything inside without cutting off access to the rest of your bedroom.

For more amazing wardrobe ideas, take a look at this Ideabook: 16 life-improving ideas for those with small wardrobes.

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