How to furnish your house from scratch

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The house of our dreams is something we have imagined for a very long time and finally we found it. Now it's time to think about the furnishings. But how to decorate the house from scratch? Let's find out in this easy guide which covers the basics. From studying the project like a proper interior designer, to choosing the most important details, we will show you how to furnish the home from your dreams

1. Make the measurements and examine the space carefully.

The first step when you have to furnish a house from scratch is to take the measurements and carefully examine the space that you have available. Note everything down on a piece of paper, such as the lighting in the room, the amount of space you have, if there is anything blocking the space and anything else you can thing of such as where the power points are as well as anything that can obstruct the walkway. 

2. Think about the house as a whole.

Once we have taken all the measurements, create a floor plan for the whole house and sketch it out. At this stage you can start to think about which piece of furniture goes in which room. At this point you may also notice that there are things that you still need to buy. Try and design a 3D picture or one that is from a bird's eye view. 

3. Choose the kitchen.

When you have decided on how to organize your home, you can begin to visit furniture stores and browse online catalogs. We recommend you start with furnishing your kitchen because that is the focus of your family life. You may also want to consider these points: 

- What is our maximum budget?

- What style do you love the most?

- How much room is there for the pantry and storage?

- How many people are usually in the kitchen together? 

In this way, you will have a better idea about the type of furniture you would like to buy. 

4. Furnish the living room with the essentials.

Once you have the kitchen ready, we recommend you move along into the living room because it promises to be another busy part of the house. If you have overspent, you might like to just furnish it with the essentials such as the TV, sofa and cabinet. 

5. Create a comfortable nest in the bedroom.

For the bedroom it is important to have the essentials such as the bed and wardrobe. Focus on creating comfort and later you can focus on styling it and making it into your very own retreat zone. 

6. Equip the bathroom with practical and functional furniture.

The last room to think about is the bathroom: for this environment, focus on finding practical furniture, which can help you to keep everything in order.

7. Let's add some detail.

And as a final touch, we add a few details, such as curtains and carpets. Nothing over the top, then you will have plenty of time to choose according to your taste. For right now, a touch of color to make the rooms more comfortable and to give you feeling of homeliness is important. 

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