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10 unique bathrooms awash with ideas

Leigh Leigh
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The bathroom is no longer a space that is purely functional. In fact, when it comes to modern design and decor, the bathroom is one space in the house that truly deserves ambiance and style as well as its own, very special design!

This is why today at homify, we have put together 10 very specific examples of modern bathrooms. Designed by top professionals from around the world, these will inspire and delight as well as show you just how much potential exists for this space.

Let's take a look!

1. A natural look

This bathroom features beautiful wooden ceilings and large glass windows, which allow for views of the gorgeous scenery. The natural look and feel is pulled into the interior design via the rustic stone wall, which contrasts beautifully with the modern bathroom features.

2. A mix of structures

This bathroom is full of texture. Don't you love the wavy tiles behind the toilet? This contrasts with the smooth wooden cabinet and the large glass mirror, creating a visual delight.

3. Glass

Rancho San Francisco Lopez Duplan Arquitectos Ванна кімната
Lopez Duplan Arquitectos

Rancho San Francisco

Lopez Duplan Arquitectos

This bathroom is characterized by lots of wood as well as marble finishes, but there is something very special: the use of glass throughout. This creates a wonderful flow throughout the bathroom, while subtly separating spaces.

4. A sauna

By installing wooden elements, unique sinks and mosaic tiles, this bathroom looks and feels like a luxurious sauna where you can really escape from your troubles. The wooden platform that leads up to the bath and the grey pebbles add that finishing touch.

5. Accessories

Deeco Ванна кімната

If you only have a few square meters, you are slightly limited in terms of decor and design. Yet in this image, we can see how something beautiful has been created out of a very tiny room. By choosing the right accessories and neutral colours, you can create a stunning room.

6. Flowers

Stunning or over the top? It's up to you! But there is no doubt that this is a very special bathroom. Because there is no natural light, the white walls and light pastels create a very entrancing design.

7. Smart lighting

Is this a sink and lamp in one? We've never seen anything like it before. But admittedly it looks very stylish! Because it's not a common feature, it can make your bathroom very special.

8. White design

White is the perfect colour for the bathroom because it radiates peace and beauty. But you must of course be very careful that you don't end up with a boring design. You want to go for chic and minimalist, not dull and drab.

As we can see in this bathroom, with some gorgeous textures, white can be the perfect colour!

9. A spa feeling

homify Ванна кімната

A little bit of luxury in the bathroom goes a long way. 

In this design, we come across a spacious bathroom with a double sink and a huge mirror, but that's not all! The area behind the shower is made entirely of marble and features beautiful glass walls. This allows for a stunning bathroom design with a sense of openness.

10. Colour accents

If you are not a fan of tiles, opt for smooth walls. However, they don't need to be boring. This can be achieved by applying cheerful colour accents to the space. Here we can see how well blue and yellow work together, however you can choose colours that work for your tastes. 

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