The eco-friendly home inspired by the tropics

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Luxury design house with Balinese flair Baufritz (UK) Ltd. Будинки
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Today we'll tour a luxury villa inspired by Indonesian design. The client wanted to incorporate tropical Balinese architectural features into their home. 

One of the stand-out features of the home is the incredible glazing. In many parts of the home, windows reach from the floor to the ceiling. When we take a look at the rear of the house we will see how the full height glazing gives the home a graceful appearance. 

At homify, we love when luxury design meets ecological responsibility. Balinese style shines in every corner of the home and grabs attention. It's the subtle eco-friendly design that makes this home truly inspiring. Contact a professional on homify today to get a look like this in your home. Let's start our tour now!

Incredible glazed villa

Exteriors Baufritz (UK) Ltd. Будинки

The view of the back of the house shows off how the home has a dynamic mix of flat and pitched roofs. They interact and complement each other elegantly. The villa transports you to a Balinese resort! 

Check out the sculptures and thin wooden support columns. Throughout the home, we will find more of these Balinese accessories. They fill the modern space of the home. Every object has been carefully curated to create a seamless theme for the home.

The villa entrance

Exteriors Baufritz (UK) Ltd. Будинки

Narrow windows fill the ivory facade of the house. A glass conservatory room above shelters the entrance flanked by wooden columns. There is a fun juxtaposition between the front and back of the house. The front seems conservative while the back, with its extensive glazing from the ground to the ceiling, is more open.

Welcome to Bali

Entrance Baufritz (UK) Ltd. Коридор

Entering the home is an enchanting experience. A romantic in-ground fountain greets as you enter. It’s easy to imagine yourself in Bali!. The dramatic half-turn staircase is a stunning architectural feature in the home. The statutes in this room emphasise the expansive space of the foyer.  We can catch a glimpse of the kitchen through the doorway. Let’s go take a look!

Tropical flavour

Kitchen Baufritz (UK) Ltd. Кухня

Cook up tropical vacation flavours all year long in this sleek and modern kitchen! Check out the rich wood accents that make up the cabinetry. Their dark and natural appearance remind us of exotic wood from a rainforest. The glass dividing wall acts as a room divider and helps the light carry throughout the home. Its Indonesian patterned filigree breathes life into the room.

Crisp bedroom

Living room Baufritz (UK) Ltd. Вітальня

High ceilings accommodate the mural in this bedroom flawlessly. This is one of the home’s five bedrooms. It features inspiring bright interiors and modern furniture. We love the use of white in the home to make a fresh and clean look. The minimalistic approach to the design in this room helps create a relaxing setting.

Luxe colour

Bedroom Baufritz (UK) Ltd. Спальня

The home has a muted colour palette punctuated with luxurious colour. The grey bedspread and the wood accent along the inset shelf bring individuality to this room. Check out the cylindrical light shades the colour of turmeric. They look like rich, silk lanterns. 

The bedrooms have views of the grand garden that surrounds the back of the home. This connection to lush greenery helps create the feeling of being in a tropical place. The garden has full grown trees to shade and provide privacy to the villa. From this bedroom, they can enjoy the balcony that looks out on the greenery. As an added bonus, these balconies provide shelter for the terraces underneath.

Balinese sunset

Exteriors Baufritz (UK) Ltd. Будинки

As the sun sets behind the villa we can appreciate its full beauty. Imagine feeling like you’re on vacation year long. It’s refreshing to find a home with an unmistakable look like this. For more home inspiration, check out our feature on a chic home with bright white interiors.

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