​10 great ideas to make gardening easier

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Everyone loves a beautiful garden, and there's no doubt that gardening is a thoroughly therapeutic hobby! However, maintaining a garden properly entails a good deal of sweat and toil, and this pleasurable activity can easily turn into a laborious chore. Plants need a lot of care and it’s a fair amount of work doing the weeding, watering and pruning every day – not to mention keeping insects at bay. With this in mind, we bring to you today 10 excellent ways to make your gardening job a piece of cake! Let's take a look…

1. Non-stick tools

Traditional and Contemporary Mix Cherry Mills Garden Design Сад
Cherry Mills Garden Design

Traditional and Contemporary Mix

Cherry Mills Garden Design

Cleaning gardening implements takes time and energy. No need to waste time scrubbing away at the soil that adheres stubbornly to your spade – simply buy modern tools like a non-stick spade for a simpler cleaning process!

2. Low-maintenance rockery


Opting for aesthetically appealing arrangements of stone to form a rockery is a brilliant way to have a low-maintenance but beautiful garden. Stones don’t need watering or weeding!

3. ​Simplicity is the key

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Keep it simple. Make fewer flowerbeds and remember that it is easier to tend to a limited variety of plants. Opt for low-maintenance plants rather than high-maintenance ones like orchids, which require a lot of attention.

4. ​Grassy alternatives

Small, low maintenance garden Yorkshire Gardens Сад Дерево-пластичний композит
Yorkshire Gardens

Small, low maintenance garden

Yorkshire Gardens

We all love a green lawn but mowing the grass and keeping it well-maintained is a time-consuming activity. Invest in artificial turf which looks like as beautiful as grass and needs minimum care!

5. ​Avoid thirsty plants

Certain plants like strawberry and bamboo need a lot of water. They rapidly absorb the moisture and nutrients from the soil around them and other plants do not fare well in their vicinity.

6. ​Potted plants

Flowerpots are a great option for delicate plants that cannot survive in harsh weather. When placed in a pot, these sensitive plants can easily be moved indoors when the season changes.

7. ​Preventing weeds

Canopy Lane Aralia Сад Дерево Зелений

Canopy Lane


Scattering a good quantity of wood chips in the flowerbeds is an effective method to prevent the proliferation of weeds.

​8. Worthwhile investment

Stainless Steel Garden Tap Station with Hose Reel, Tap and Platform Ingarden Ltd СадРослини та квіти
Ingarden Ltd

Stainless Steel Garden Tap Station with Hose Reel, Tap and Platform

Ingarden Ltd

Watering the entire garden under the blistering sun on a hot summer day is a tiresome chore. A sprinkler system isn’t exactly cheap, but it sure saves a lot of time and energy!

9. ​Elegant shrubbery

Like a rockery, a shrubbery is another low-maintenance option. Shrubs are perennial plants and are easy to look after as they require minimum watering and infrequent pruning. And they look beautiful too!

10. ​Pretty path

Walking on a garden path is a delightful experience! You can plant shrubs and dwarf plants in a seemingly random manner on either side of the path for a really easy-to-maintain and lovely garden.

With these 10 handy tips, doing the daily gardening and creating a marvellous green wonderland is sure to be child's play! For more gorgeous home ideas, check out: 9 beautifully unusual homes you won't forget

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