10 wooden decks you'll want for your home

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Naturally, we focus a lot on how the inside of our homes look and feel, but if we want a truly all-encompassing space that has cohesion and balance, a connection to the outside is vital. Lots of people navigate this hurdle by having a garden that they enjoy spending time in, but there's something even better, we think; a wooden deck! Perfect for homes that simply can't have a garden and those that do, wooden decks can wrap themselves around your home and offer sheltered enjoyment of the great outdoors. Let's also not forget that the use of natural wood will add an extra level of organic connection between you and the wider world! We know you'll be searching for a carpenter once you've seen these examples, so let's waste no more time and take a look!

1. Taking centre stage.

We love how this tonally perfect deck is dominating the view and standing proud in the centre of the space. What a great location for some summer socialising!

2. Ambience on tap!

Found to the side of this woodland home, a small deck is the perfect location for a casual dining spot. A few candles in place and this would be a very romantic little set-up!

3. An extension of the home.

This deck, thanks to being the full width of the house, really extends the inner living space out into the garden. Offering vital contrast to the walls, it looks beautiful and thanks to an awning, could be used all year round!

4. Connected to nature.

With no hint of varnish or stain and a simple hammock in place, this deck has been created purely for simple and organic enjoyment. It offers the potential to be so much more, but there's no pressure. Beautiful!

5. An easy connection.

With the bi-folding doors wide open here, it's hard to tell where the open-plan living room ends and the decking begins! Pretty potted plants soften the integration even further and while the outside space isn't huge, it makes a big difference inside!

6. Wrapped around and perfect.

Wow. This decking really looks stunning as it embraces the house and offers it a neat little extension into the outdoors. The natural wood really softens all the concrete in place too and gives a new feel to the façade.

7. Big and beautiful.

This family home certainly wasn't shy about accepting a sizeable deck and we're glad, as it looks so well thought out. Adding length to the overall perception, it's a bit of an optical illusion, but we love it!

8. Getting a little colonial.

dwarf Тераса

Colonial style always feels very classic, with wood cladding, porch swings and wooden decks all being key motifs. We love the look here and the contrast of natural decking wood against green house timber is phenomenal. What a relaxing spot to enjoy.

9. Perfectly combined.

When a whole home is encased in wood and showcases timber to its best, you really can't have an excuse to not have a deck! This one offers a simple solution to a lack of garden space and turns what is there into a private haven!

10. Transitioning into the view.

With the interior floorboards stretching out to the deck area, there is no tangible separation of indoor and outdoor spaces. It's a beautiful technique that really helps to blend a home with the wider surroundings and instills such a sense of calm. Can you feel it too?

For even more wooden inspiration, take a look at this Ideabook: The Stone Home in the Mountains.

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