New home moving interior design ideas

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New home moving interior design ideas

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скандинавський  by toki, Скандинавський
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Ladies and gentlemen, come on! If you're 30 or over, you know the days of living like a student should be long behind you. If you walk into your home and see rubbish, clutter and camp beds, something has gone seriously wrong.

But please don't panic because we're here to help! Interior designers know exactly what every stylish, independent person over 30 needs in their home and so do we, which is great as we can't keep secrets! 

If you need a brush up on what's good for your bedroom, or some hand-holding while upgrading your kitchen, we are here to help. Take a look at our list of 30 things you shouldn't still have in your home and let's get your new home moving!

1. Graduation certificates anywhere except a home office

Nobody cares where you went to university!

2. Plastic garden chairs

Beluga Plastic Chair by 吉野 利幸

A big no-no, whether they're inside or outside. They look cheap and now you make more money to afford better furniture.

3. A messy kitchen

by homify Сучасний

Do you want to live like a teenager? Keep it neat and tidy.

4. An empty patio

Exteriors by Baufritz (UK) Ltd. Сучасний

Make it look like you care and add some plants and furniture.

5. Bare walls

by Auraprojekt

They look sad, not minimalist. Add some flair with your décor and make your house feel like a home.

6. Mismatched crockery

Sophie Allport Hare Tableware by Sophie Allport Кантрi Фарфор

It's time to buy a set that matches and isn't broken.

7. A total lack of furniture

by Tout Simplement Déco

What will your guests sit on? It's time to ditch the futon and invest in a sofa.

8. Bargain basement pillows and duvets

Treat yourself, you're a grown up.

9. A bland entrance

by homify Класичний

How about a snazzy new front door, some plants and stylish outdoor lighting?

10. A lack of greenery

by A/ZERO Arquitetura Сучасний

You've managed to survive this long, so surely you can manage some plants?

11. Dingy walls and cracks

by Creativespace Iндустріальний

Unless they're a deliberate style choice for an industrial look, of course!

12. Clutter

скандинавський  by toki, Скандинавський

Why do you need it? Not only does it make the space feel unclean, it also looks smaller.

13. Bad lighting. LED bulbs make any space better, so invest!

класичний  by INNEN LEBEN, Класичний

Good lighting is key so, if your space is dark, invest in some good quality illumination to show off your home.

14. A cheap plastic kitchen

скандинавський  by toki, Скандинавський

If you're over 30, you deserve real wood and gorgeous countertops.

15. Laminate flooring

скандинавський  by homify, Скандинавський

By now you should be investing in better quality, so consider some real wood flooring.

16. Dead plants

If you really are the grim reaper of greenery, try some low-maintenance options, like cacti.

17. Student furniture

класичний  by Better Home, Класичний

Futons, floor cushions and all other 'bohemian' furniture needs to be replaced by something more grown up.

18. A messy office

by acertus Колоніальний

You can't work properly in chaos so sort out your organisation and stop making excuses.

19. Too many floral patterns

середземноморський  by, Середземноморський

Hey, princess, remember you're not a teenager any more.

20. Loose wires

скандинавський  by toki, Скандинавський

Not only are they unsightly, they're also dangerous.

21. Mystery stains

сучасний  by DIE BALKONGESTALTER, Сучасний

Just one stain will make your whole home feel grubby.

22. Exposed light bulbs

by By Seog Be Seog | 바이석비석 Сучасний

Unless they're cool new filament bulbs, they make a room feel unfinished and uncared for.

23. Sliding doors

скандинавський  by homify, Скандинавський

1985 called. It said it wants its doors back.

24. A boring kitchen splashback

Anyone can handle a little tiling so get creative.

25. Disorganised kitchen storage

Classic, yet Contemporary by Rencraft Класичний

Nowhere to store your condiments and spices? If you're over 30s, it's time for a spice rack!

26. No TV stand

by studio ferlazzo natoli Мінімалістичний

Prevent neck strain (and looking like a temporary rental home) with a decent stand or wall-mount your TV!

27. Ugly curtains

by Alice Bizien Iндустріальний

Get rid of bright fabrics and instead opt for a nice solid color or subtle pattern.

28. Bad quality cookware

White Kitchen by Designer Kitchen by Morgan Сучасний

We're not saying you have to have Le Crueset, but mismatched pots with burnt bottoms don't cut it any more.

29. A chaotic garage

Great customer testimonial from this happy Garageflex customer in Middlesex by Garageflex Класичний

Your 30s is when you should be getting more organised! Aim for something like our example, above.

30. A lack of style

By now you'll know what you like, so express yourself through your home styling.

For home advice, take a look at this Ideabook: 13 things that should NEVER be in a woman's home.

by Casas inHAUS Сучасний

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