22 ways for your foyer to make a good first impression

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22 ways for your foyer to make a good first impression

Leigh Leigh
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Your foyer is the the first thing that people see when they visit your home, which is why we need to give priority to the design of this space.

Many decide to revamp their entrances with new colours and tasteful decor, which is a great idea! But where do we start? 

Others will introduce a new chandelier or a table into the hallway to change the look and feel of this room, giving it a modern touch, but what pieces of furniture should we pick?

With so many options out there, today at homify we have put together 22 examples of how you can make a good first impression with your foyer from top professionals from around the world. These will inspire you and give you some direction so that you know where to start!

1. Direct access to the living area with a curved wall hiding the more private spaces

2. Entrance with bespoke furniture and space-saving niches

3. Hallway with wooden stairs and a white design

4. Separate entrance from the kitchen with sliding doors

5. Entrance corridor that is well-lit with light colours

6. Long, narrow corridor with false ceilings and lighting panels

7. Hallway library separates the small living space from the bedroom

by MIROarchitetti Сучасний

8. Decorate with frames and photographs

9. Smart entrance with a coat rack and low cupboard

10. Classic modern entrance with an LED light and a table

11. Entrance with eclectic antique furniture, mirrors and plants


12. Minimalist entrance with plenty of storage space

13. Modern entrance with a mini-library

14. Entrance with a modern console

15. Entrance with modular and unique cupboards mounted on the wall

16. Corridor that leads to a wooden attic with white walls

17. Hallway with a library collection

18. A hallway with intelligent lighting

by desink.it Сучасний

19. Long and narrow corridor with a bookcase and photographs

20. Entrance with a tailored shelf

21. A small separate entrance near the bathroom, which features a savvy glass design


22. A modern and simple entrance

Also have a look at these 7 impressive ideas for your entrance for more inspiration!

by Casas inHAUS Сучасний

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