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14 affordable and cool kitchen ideas to copy

Aqeelah Bawa-Osman Aqeelah Bawa-Osman
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When you think about your ideal kitchen, which details comes to mind? Is it the stunning addition of your favourite colours, sleek and stylish countertops, modern appliances or modern minimalist inspired decor? Well, in this feature we consider 14 amazing and affordable kitchen ideas that can be easily implemented in your own cooking space. So whether your home is the ultimate in modernity or enjoys the wooden and stone elements of rustic design, this feature is an inspirational option for you.

1. Splashback

Adding a splashback to the space behind your sink, means that it will be easier to clean and look a lot more interesting than a plain and boring wall. Store some kitchen utensils here and free up drawer space too.

2. Compact colour

The combination of colours is an important part of a designer kitchen too.

3. Wooden

Go for some wooden cabinets and shelves to store your kitchen essentials.

4. Integrate appliances

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Planning your kitchen is key, especially if you lack space, so opt for some sleek modern appliances.

5. Lighting

Enhancing the lighting is the first step to a more fabulous interior.

6. Utilise space

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Storage is the best way to keep your counters uncluttered, so utilise your drawers perfectly.

8. Open plan

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If you have a compact kitchen in an open plan set up, then keep colours neutral.

9. Go for minimalism

When deciding on kitchen cabinets, interior designers recommend opting for the minimalist style which will make your kitchen trendy and contemporary.

10. Maximise grocery storage

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Lewis Alderson

Surrey kitchen

Lewis Alderson

You may have one cupboard that stores all your groceries, so go with extra shelves to create space for those necessities and keeping track of your stock will be easy.

11. Rack it

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50.2cm pull-out organiser


Keep your pots, pans and crockery items tidy with these pull out racks.

12. Herbs and magnets

Magnetic spice jars are great because they allow you to access your ingredients efficiently.

13. Hang it

Mediterranean Style by Rencraft Середземноморський Дерево Дерев'яні

Mediterranean Style


Hanging storage is a rustic method to keep pots and pan within arms reach.

14. Blackboard paint

Splash some amazing blackboard paint to the wall of your kitchen and keep track of your grocery list, the recipe you're busy with or even that parent teacher meeting schedule. How about these: 11 easy ways to make your kitchen more beautiful—in just one day!?

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