A 2bhk Bangalore apartment designed and decorated for 2 lakh rupees

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2 BHK Apartment Interior Design, Ghar360 Ghar360
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Designed and decorated with a modest budget of only Rs. 2 lakhs, this 2bhk apartment in Bangalore is a very contemporary, smart and aesthetically pleasing affair. Sober and neutral colours, wooden elements, and spacious well-lit interiors come together to make a lovely impression. Lush indoor greenery, elegant paintings and sleek, minimalist designs also add to the appeal of the home. The interior designers and decorators at Ghar360 have truly accomplished a fine job.

Stylish living space

2 BHK Apartment Interior Design, Ghar360 Ghar360

Creamy white hues make this stylish living space very inviting and bright. Large glass doors lead you to the balcony and bring in a lot of sunlight, while large white planters add charm to the area. The glossy black and beige TV unit makes a bold statement here, while a curvy and minimalist console unit displays showpieces. A sleek sideboard offers additional storage to the right of the TV unit, while paintings of figurines add artistic interest.

Arty foyer

2 BHK Apartment Interior Design, Ghar360 Ghar360

The foyer is an artistic and sophisticated space, with a trio of paintings adorning the white wall. A couple of trendy chairs offer cosy seating, while a tall black vase holding bright yellow flowers add freshness here.

Cosy seating

2 BHK Apartment Interior Design, Ghar360 Ghar360

A modern cream-coloured sectional takes up a corner of the living area, to offer comfy seating for eight people. The coffee table and ceiling lamp are minimalist touches, while the soft curtains make for a dreamy and relaxing atmosphere.

Arty touches

2 BHK Apartment Interior Design, Ghar360 Ghar360

The wooden partition that separates the living and dining areas is a quirky and geometrical affair, with shelves which can hold artefacts or small potted plants. The kitchen on the other hand, is right opposite the living space but hidden behind a white and glass counter and a compact breakfast nook. The black and white artwork and a tall vase of flowers offer more aesthetic pleasures here.

Lovely family room

2 BHK Apartment Interior Design, Ghar360 Ghar360

The family room resembles the formal living space pretty closely, but has a few different elements. The TV unit is a combination of sleek white and grey cabinets and shelves, which store things and display collectibles with equal ease. Accent lighting adds more style to this design element, while potted greens help in bringing nature inside. The coffee table is also noteworthy, because of its wood and white combination and layered look.

What a simple, minimalist, elegant and charming apartment! For more inspiring ideas, take another tour - A Beautiful 350 Sqft Furnished Apartment.

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