Typical 70s bathroom becomes modern and spectacular

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We've seen some sights. Some have been too horrific to dwell on, others have been hilarious, and today we bring you a room that was a combination of the two! 

A throwback to the time that style forgot (or hadn't been invented yet), this tragic small bathroom is the epitome of a décor disaster, which needed the guiding hand of an experienced interior designer to turn it around. 

We're actually still in shock how drastically this room was improved so, if you're in the mood to be amused, horrified and impressed all at once, let's dive on in and take a look!

Before: What even is that?

Oh great, a pink suite

Would you just look at the horror that is this awful 70s throwback bathroom

Who could use a room like this?

What can you say about this room? Nothing positive, that's for sure!

Before: The sadness continues

A pink wall-mounted soap dishes. A green floor. Clutter. Those tiles! Looking at all this awfulness has scuppered our ability to form a coherent sentence. 

This bathroom is like the Friday The 13th film franchise… it just keeps getting worse and seems like it will never end.

During: A new plan

When looking at the plans for the revamp of this bathroom, it becomes clear that it's an awkward space to work with. 

Couple that with what's already in there and it's obvious this is a huge undertaking. How the client managed to find anyone to take this on is beyond us.

After: Tranquility at last

Yes. A thousand times, yes! White and wood is the perfect antidote to those overbearing tiles and, of course, simple, chic suite items are a welcome addition as well.

Could you have ever imagined this space could look so contemporary?

After: How to use tiles correctly

We love this divine tiled feature wall, which almost seems to be a little tongue-in-cheek lesson for the former incarnation.

This is how you use patterned tiles to make a positive impact and the monochrome colours make for a real contemporary statement.

After: All mod cons

Having suffered with an nasty, outdated bathroom for so long, it makes perfect sense that this newly modernised room has one of everything.

A simple shower is the icing on the cake, helping cleanse our mind of all those pink tiles!

For more bathroom renovation inspiration, take a look at this Ideabook: The little bathroom that went from EWW to OHH.

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