9 bedroom decor ideas for a perfectly peaceful sleep

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Bedrooms that are beautiful to the eye can be utterly different from bedrooms that are perfect for a good night's sleep. The bedroom is a place to wind down, remove yourself from the demands of the outside world and indulge in some very important recuperation time. So while there are plenty of fabulous decorative ideas for the home, there are some which are best left for the main living areas and others that are perfect for the bedroom. For a brief rundown, we've created an ideabook of 9 bedroom decor themes for a perfect night's sleep. Sweet dreams await!

1. Zen style

A Zen-inspired decor is perfect for the bedroom. It has a neutral, calming colour scheme and is generally designed without electronic items on display. This is a look that requires a touch of nature, so add houseplants or even artworks depicting bucolic scenes.

2. Hotel-style bedroom

Hotel bedrooms usually show the touch of a professional interior designer. Hotels make their living from creating a little cocoon for the perfect night's sleep so there's a lot to learn in this kind of bedroom theme. Note the cushioned headboard that deadens noise, the soft neutral colour scheme and the multiple gentle light sources.

3. Neutral modern

A modern minimalist bedroom theme is perfectly suitable because it is generally devoid of clutter that reminds one of the outside world. The brain is a hyperactive muscle and the last thing it needs late at night are any visual reminds. Note how the visual lines in this room remain unbroken. Even the bedside lighting has been eliminated in favour of a gentle, recessed headboard light.

4. Whimsical

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The bedroom is a place to dream and remove oneself from the harsh realities of life. So to get you dreaming, we present a whimsical themed bedroom. This kind of bedroom has minimal furnishings and lots of light and playful illustrations. Check out the wall art here!

5. Plush English country-style bedroom

This plush English country-style bedroom looks just perfect for a good night's sleep. It is replete in cosy textures and lots of thick, good quality linen. This kind of look requires an old-fashioned romantic touch. Consider little ornate picture frames of roses, floral prints and an antique element or two.

6. Rustic warmth

A rustic-style bedroom has an earthy charm that resonates with our most base desires. It promises lots of rich comfort, the ideals of nature and has a cave-like allure. This look requires lots of wooden features, golden lighting and a colour scheme on the warm, golden end of the spectrum.

7. Moroccan-style lounging

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Moroccan-style bedrooms are definitely for those who like a little more glitz in their bedroom. Metallic lamps, colourful cushions and decorative side tables are key elements in this look. Although it's generally best to avoid strong colours in the bedroom, a Moroccan-inspired bedroom is also generally quite soft and earthy with lots of textures and handmade furnishings. Have fun indulging in big, extravagant pillows.

8. Boho-style bedroom

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A boho-themed bedroom evokes images of decadent hours of snoozing and a life dedicated to the pursuit of pleasure! This is a look that requires a big artwork or two, a simple bed support such as a futon and an ethnic rug or two. For the final touch add some quirky light fittings!

9. Tiny and luxurious

We really had to include this little bedroom because it shows that you can create a minimalist/hotel-style bedroom theme in a tiny space too. This may just be a loft bed, but the quality of the fabrics and headboard do all the work. It doesn't always have to be a great extravaganza!

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