Baby, It's Cold Outside: 8 Conservatory Ideas For Winter

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Baby, It's Cold Outside: 8 Conservatory Ideas For Winter

Sarah Rose Anderson Sarah Rose Anderson
by v. Bismarck Architekt Сучасний
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This is the time of the year when the weather takes a turn. Autumn is here, showing off its colours and dragging down temperatures. Winter will be here sooner than later and it’s hard to stay cheerful when the skies are dark and the wind cold. Today we will share some inspiring conservatories that are welcoming year round. 

A conservatory is a simple glass addition to the home that resembles a greenhouse and is used as a sunroom or solarium. Don’t underestimate this valuable addition to your home. It can be refreshing to be close to lush nature even when it’s a Canadian winter outside. Today we have 8 inspirational ideas to share for having a conservatory in your home.

1. Building a conservatory extension

by IMAGO DESIGN Сучасний

If you have been considering an extension for your home, we’d like to recommend a glass box style conservatory for your home. You can create a stunning sitting area full of lush plants to make your space do double duty. It’s a modern update that’s good for more than just plants! Just like this Gothic conservatory that's no ordinary porch.

2. Flexible conservatory space

A conservatory makes for a great dining room or sitting area. It also looks great as a library and living room. However you style your conservatory, we want to show you that it can be a quiet and comforting place in your home. Conservatories have a way of bringing the nature outdoors right inside your home.

3. Winter garden

The best use of a conservatory is to fill it with beautiful plants! There is a lot of light and a warm temperature for the plants to flourish. A conservatory like this is a classic addition to a home. You could easily bring in some more furniture to a conservatory and create a stylish place to take tea with friends and family.

4. Cooking under glass

We love this quirky use of a conservatory as a kitchen! This is a great way to love the time you spend over the stove. Imagine popping out to grab some herbs from the garden. We love this inventive kitchen design. homify knows professional kitchen planners who can help you get the kitchen of your dreams.

5. Home office or hobby room

by Gracja Класичний Дерево Дерев'яні

Another creative way to use your conservatory is to transform it into a place to work your passions. Whether you prefer a home office, music room, studio, reading nook, or sewing room, the natural light coming in from the glass ceiling and walls can do wonders for your eyes and your productivity.

6. Spa conservatory

Reynaers by Framemaster Сучасний



The epitome of luxury is using a conservatory space for your home spa. If you were planning on getting a hot tub or already have an indoor swimming pool then use it with a conservatory. It will create a spa retreat that you can enjoy year round.

7. Conservatory as a viewing area

by Solarlux GmbH Сучасний

If you are lucky enough to have a great view then using a conservatory is a great idea to milk that view! Conservatories can be customized to create a viewing area for the outdoors. Why not let nature shine for a while? An extension like this is perfect for taking in the view and bringing nature and light into your home.

8. Convertible conservatory

by homify Сучасний Скло

Our last idea is to create a convertible space that can act as a terrace during the warm months. This conservatory has sliding walls that can be folded away. It creates a fabulous desk that opens right into the garden.

Thank you for checking out our list of ideas for home conservatories! If you liked this, check out our feature on doors that will bring rustic charm to your home.

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