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16 things you secretly wish your garden had

Chloe Hines Chloe Hines
Battersea Basement & Full Refurbishment by Gullaksen Architects Середземноморський
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Gardens can easily be a feature of your home that's enjoyed year-round. With the right design, tools and accessories, gardens can turn into magical wonderlands for both adults and kids. The great part about gardens is that the options below show you the possibilities and most of them are incredibly low maintenance. 

Outdoor entertaining has never been so easy. Looking to move your guests outside during warm and colder months? Take a few tips from our list below and look to homify for more gardening inspiration!

1. Great lighting

See how much the lighting has changed the feel of this garden/backyard area? Equip your garden with ground lighting, or solar lighting, for both an aesthetic and safety feature!

2. A fire pit

Urban Courtyard for Entertaining by Bestall & Co Landscape Design Ltd Сучасний
Bestall & Co Landscape Design Ltd

Urban Courtyard for Entertaining

Bestall & Co Landscape Design Ltd

Mke sure to check with your local city zoning laws to see if fire pits are allowed in your garden area, and the maximum size they're allowed to be. Purchase a fire pit kit to make et-up and installation easy!

3. An organised herb garden-area

Sit an area aside for proper herb gardening. Boxes, labels, tools and utensils can all be kept organised and can be a cute addition to any garden area. 

4. A proper kitchen area

Urban Courtyard for Entertaining by Bestall & Co Landscape Design Ltd Сучасний
Bestall & Co Landscape Design Ltd

Urban Courtyard for Entertaining

Bestall & Co Landscape Design Ltd

You've had a grill in your garden, but have you considered a full-blown ktichen? There are plenty of mobile furnishings that include grills, ovens, countertops and even sinks to make clean-up after parties easier than ever. 

5. A cosy conversation corner

Moroccan style garden by Gullaksen Architects Середземноморський
Gullaksen Architects

Moroccan style garden

Gullaksen Architects

What's the point of a wonderful garden if you can't share it with famil and guests? Take time to consider great seating, proper textiles and strategic arrangements for long night conversations and dinner parties. 

6. Wood, wood and more wood

by Deck-linéa Сучасний

This modern privacy fencing is softened with matching wooden flooring and a spectacular rock garden. Add flowers and plants with bright pops of colour for an added affect. 

7. Matching decor and accessories

Greens, browns and oranges work great together for a summer time feel, just take a look at this wonderful patio area. 

8. A cottage feel

Slim & Subtle Rear Garden by homify Сучасний

Slim & Subtle Rear Garden


This small backyard patio packs a lot of punch with privacy fencing, potted greenery and perfectly pruned shrubs! Don't forget matching furnishings and accessories for a finished look!

9. A pergola

Small, medium, large, covered, wooden, etc; the options are endless with pergolas, and most can be easily constructed as DIY projects in one weekend or less!

10. A minimalist cactii and succulent garden

Looking for a low maintenance, highly aesthetic addition for your garden? Why not lean towards succulents and cactii?!

11. A nice-sized pool

by Vida de Vila Рустiк

Large-scale pools can be a lot of maintenance, but any size pool can raise the value of your home. Stick within your means and choose a sized pool that fits within the structure of your home. 

12. A place for yoga, or meditation

by homify Сучасний

Creating a cerebral place for focus, meditation in yoga is a great idea in today's fast-paced world. Try looking at some great Japanese gardens for more inspiration.

13. A hot tub

Patio ho tub or hot tub with an added pergola area great for both summer and winter evenings and can afford you and your guests some privacy as well.

14. A large-scale water feature

Forget traditional fountains and water features – add a miniature pond or swimming area!

15. A place for children to play

класичний  by Minik Ev, Класичний

For those of your with children, a whimsical playhouse can make your garden seem cosy, cute and child-friendly for guests too!

16. A successful vertical garden

Intimidated by the idea of a vertical garden? Try scaling down the size like seen here and see if you feel more comfortable with the project! Depending on the plants you choose, vertical gardens can be a year-round attraction in your garden!

If you're feeling inspired by these wonderful and whimsical gardens, here are seven more great gardening ideas!

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