The warm prefab house: ready in 5 months!

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If we told you this house was built in 5 months from scratch, would you believe us? We wouldn’t have believed it either, but with the advent of rapid construction techniques, homes can be built in a flash. Located in Centallo, Italy, this timber frame house is constructed as a gypsum sandwich, with rockwool insulation in the middle. This specific method provides a home that is warm in the cooler months, and cool during the warmer times of the year.

Opting for a traditional style design, the team at Bar & Bar have worked to create an eco home with increased energy efficiency. The colour scheme of the dwelling allows it to blend in with the surrounding landscape, while the pitched roof is timelessly age-defiant.

Ready in 20 weeks, excluding the concrete foundation, this is definitely an exciting prospect for those looking to design and build a new home.

The traditional and stylish façade

Next up, we survey the facade of this gloriously inviting residence. Upon first glance, this wonderful dwelling certainly doesn’t look like a prefab home, but rather a sturdy abode built in a more traditional technique. With a gabled roof, the home features local characteristics seen in the surrounding architecture, and blends it into this new build dwelling.

A traditional yet modern home, the architects have reimagined a standard abode, and included plenty of contemporary thermal and acoustical treatments. Boasting excellent energy performance, the building sets a new standard for prefab dwellings.

The social kitchen and dining room

First up on our grand tour, we head inside the kitchen. A multi-purpose kitchen and dining area, the room is contemporary and efficient, with a liveable, clean aesthetic. A tiled floor adds low maintenance functionality, while the wide range of bright hues are inviting and undeniably a successful mixture of tradition and modernity.

A vaulted ceiling and a warm inviting interior

Consisting of three storeys, the dwelling comes replete with two above ground levels, and a large basement area with a wine cellar, garage and laundry. The house’s total living space is an expansive yet manageable 240m².

Within this main living space we see a large and roomy vaulted ceiling, which adds stateliness to the entire dwelling. Almost unrecognisable as many of the typical prefab homes you may have seen, this residence is both private and social, with a welcoming aura, and gorgeously majestic atmosphere.

To keep the large space toasty during the cooler months, a fireplace has been added by the front door, essential for welcoming visitors and guests with a warm-hearted and hospitable glow. Additionally, the traditional home has been given a modern touch thanks to the home automation system. This can be controlled remotely via tablet or smartphone, and allows individuals to switch on or off lighting, central heating and other features simply and efficiently. A technological paradise, the individual rooms have also had ventilation systems added to provide fresh air and a crisp ambience no matter what the season.

Statement making features

One of the nicest features of this prefab home is definitely the spiral staircase that slowly meanders up the cylindrical interior space. Combining modernity and tradition, this area is practical and liveable, while imparting individuality and uniqueness. The entire dwelling has been planned, conceived and built to create an uninterrupted insulation pod. A true ‘green’ home, insulation has been installed between the outer walls and the roof space, preventing heat loss, and ensuring a perfect interior climate.

Magical mezzanine

To make the most of the internal space, a mezzanine has been designed to provide a second level that houses a large loft, bedrooms, bathrooms and an office. Boasting an oiled timber floor, and a brushed aluminium balustrade, this mezzanine is an intimate and practical domestic addition.

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