Country style decor for a city home

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Chalet Chardon: conception, architecte d'intérieur et de liaison du client pour un nouveau chalet de ski de luxe, shep&kyles design shep&kyles design Спальня
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Country homes bring visions of beautiful stone floors, varnished furniture and large fireplaces in the living rooms. If you like the coziness and warmth of countryside then a similar atmosphere  can be created in a city suburb by decorating the home with pretty crocheted bed-sheets, colorful tablecloths and hand-woven rugs to maintain rustic charm. Here is a large joint family home that has modern equipment in country style setting and has all the conveniences of modern life but retains the warm family atmosphere of rural life.

Classy and simple

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The utter simplicity of this elegant and spacious master bathroom is likely to any person’s breath away at first glance. Designed as a utility area the bathroom lacks all signs of opulence and the free hanging washbasin too does not have the usual cabinets below it. Painted in lightest shade of pink the bathroom has been fitted with recessed lighting for brightness in every corner.  The floor is tiled with pale pink sandstone and one side of the wall has fishes designed on them that appear to be swimming on the wall.

Dining area for family parties

This country dining area with high wooden roof beams and wide windows with sunlight streaming onto the long rustic wooden table is appropriate for large family gatherings. Large metal dome lights and wall scones near the window keep the room bright and festive during the night when everyone sits together for dinner. The plastering around the windows and fireplace  has not been done to retain authentic rustic touch and a new cement window seat has been added so extra guests can sit in that area and be part of all discussions. If it becomes too cold the wood fired store can be switched on for comfort.

Kitchen patio

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The best part of country life is the easy camaraderie between neighbors and eagerness to help each other. This lovely kitchen patio is just the right place for women to sit and chat about family and children while carrying out their daily activities like knitting, pickle making and recipes sharing during hot summer afternoons when sleeping is impossible. Wooden shelf in the rear is just the right thing to keep all less used implements together. Cotton upholstered wooden chairs are comfortable and inexpensive and are easily portable to any section of the house and best for this area.

Cozy guest bedroom

Chalet Chardon: conception, architecte d'intérieur et de liaison du client pour un nouveau chalet de ski de luxe, shep&kyles design shep&kyles design Спальня

Country homes are always open to guests and so is this one with extra rooms and beds for guests that are wide enough to contain two people in each. Wooden walls are not exactly rustic as instead of candle holder it has wall sconces that can be switched on and off when required. Wall to floor length walk in closets with mirrors can accommodate as much luggage as required when guests are aplenty.

Men’s Area

If women can have a separate corner for themselves then why not the men? This bright corner of the house with comfortable chairs and round table is perfect for long political discussions over coffee after a satisfying meal. The pretty window ledge with porcelain hand painted flower tubs adds a charming touch to the long rectangular window.

Wood and cement

Chalet Chardon: conception, architecte d'intérieur et de liaison du client pour un nouveau chalet de ski de luxe, shep&kyles design shep&kyles design Спальня

Spacious and airy are two words to describe this elegant country master bedroom. A simple wooden table is the only furniture in this room besides large wooden bed and built in wooden closets. Three sides of the wall are in wood while one side is plastered to enhance the glow of pretty grey wall scones. Glass door opening into the balcony is perfect for enjoying beautiful sunshine and fresh air early in the morning.

Rustic charm at its best

Casale, Marcello Gavioli Marcello Gavioli Кухня

The sheer size and expansiveness of this kitchen and plaster free walls reminds one of large kitchens that were common in plantation homes of yore when food for large joint families and farm hands used to be made in one kitchen. The kitchen has not been given any modern touch except the thick marble counter and modern oven. Rest of the rustic charm has been retained which is obvious in the lack of cup-boards above the counter and existence of open shelves with pots and bowls lined across the wall's length. Instead of a cement or marble island only a wooden table has been provided with shelf at lower end to keep required bottles and other items.

Colorful living room

Casale, Marcello Gavioli Marcello Gavioli Вітальня

Reclaimed wooden chairs and sofas have been re-upholstered in bright and cheerful colors like blue, yellow and purple to create an atmosphere of fun and happiness all year round. Entrance areas have been plastered that give a semblance of normality to the house and limestone floors are covered in mats of jute and cotton. Sofas are placed in close proximity around table of rough unpainted wood to allow people to talk unhindered. Black chandeliers in industrial lighting style give a unique touch of simplicity to the living room.

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