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Mirror, mirror, on the wall… A familiar phrase for all of us, having grown up with the story of Snow White and the evil Queen obsessed with being young and beautiful. From the Brothers Grimm, to Walt Disney, and newer versions such as Snow White and the Huntsman, the mirror plays a symbolic and central motif. In fact, mirrors have played an important role in human culture and traditions for centuries. Breaking a mirror is still considered by the superstitious amongst us to bring seven years bad luck. In Pagan tradition, mirrors were thought to be portals to spiritual realms, and were used in rituals to see the future and tell fortunes. 

We can't promise you that you'll see your future or another realm in these wall mirrors, but we can (hopefully) give you an idea of the options available when choosing decorative mirrors for your home. Take at look at these various styles and decide for yourself which is the fairest of them all.

Gothic style mirror

Mirrors are a great way to bring light into a room and make it appear bigger. They can finish off a feature wall or stand out above the fireplace, and we use them every day when we're getting ready to face the world: they're an important feature of our everyday lives and a key element when designing a room. This regal Gothic design would look great in a Tudor property, or to add some period character to a spacious modern build. It's fairytale-esque and compliments the beaded chandelier and dark printed fabrics. 

Sun mirror

Apartment in Hampstead Heath, Folio Design Folio Design
Folio Design

Apartment in Hampstead Heath

Folio Design

This design could well have been inspired by the Sun God of Greek mythology, Helios. Even though it recalls the traditions of times gone by, it looks modern when contrasted with toned-down interiors. The flowers lined up in a row turn the hall table into a pastoral display, and though a slightly unusual idea, it really seems to work. 

Play around with the positioning of the furniture, such as the mirror, and mix and match your ornaments to create the best-looking hallway and thus good first impressions for your visitors. For more on hallway furniture, take a look at this ideabook.

Circular art deco mirror

Bespoke Round Convex Mirror Alguacil & Perkoff Ltd. ВбиральняДзеркала
Alguacil & Perkoff Ltd.

Bespoke Round Convex Mirror

Alguacil & Perkoff Ltd.

This porthole style mirror is a great option for smaller rooms. The illustrious border design is a nod to the art deco style of the twenties, but this mirror is given a contemporary update. The 2 reflective sections create layers of perspective, and from this angle it seems like we're getting a telescopic view of the lounge. For a really modern look, chunky silver accessories are the way to go (though we know silver skulls might not be to everybody's taste).

Bathroom mirror

This room has a Moroccan feel to it and the simple, rustic mirror fits perfectly with the décor.  It's what you might expect to see in a holiday apartment: cool, calming and serene. Proving the overused but still true expression ‘less is more', the panel of gilded wallpaper is a subtle touch of luxury that doesn't detract from the mirror as the focal point. 

You could also go for a similar style in a different shape, such as a diamond or pyramid, as the simple design lends itself to a variety of forms. For more bathroom mirror designs visit this ideabook.

Tasteful lounge mirror

Madison Coffee Bronze, Tom Faulkner Tom Faulkner ВітальняСтолики та лотки
Tom Faulkner

Madison Coffee Bronze

Tom Faulkner

Perhaps your taste is a bit more traditional and you're not a fan of too many adornments when it comes to mirrors. This large living room mirror with off-white edging keeps things smart and will go with any patterns or prints that you have in the room. 

The length is suitable for properties with high ceilings: the dimensions of your furniture in comparison to your room should be the first thing you consider when re-decorating. Many people are guilty of ignoring the measuring tape and assuming it will all fit somehow, only to be disappointed when everything is in place and the proportions look way off.

The brief was clearly to create a light, cheerful lounge, and this coffee table, which introduces another light reflecting surface to the room, helps do just that. Like the mirror, it's also a sensible size for a room of this scale. 

Mirror with detailed border

Buckland Crescent, Living in Space Living in Space ВбиральняДзеркала
Living in Space

Buckland Crescent

Living in Space

Go for gold and take inspiration from this illustrious ensemble. There's no holding back with this design: the chandelier, the wallpaper (which practically glitters), and the intricately framed mirror all contribute to a sense of grandeur. Humble it is not. However, as always, white walls and neutral furnishings bring about a balance  and prevents the theme from becoming overwhelming. Silver hues would also work to a similar effect if you're a fan of this style.

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