8 steps to the perfect modern home

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The luxurious look and feel of a modern home appeals to many people. It's highly functional and there's an undeniable sense of ease in a well-equipped contemporary home. But if you aren't a professional designer or decorator, it can be a little hard to pinpoint exactly what you love so much about this kind of home. After all, we experience a home on many levels and it's hard to separate the elements that appeal. So today, we present 8 ideas for a modern home. There are definitely one or two modern interiors here to inspire you!

1. Precise colours and neutral tones

This modern entrance has a striking, vibrant look. This is a common aesthetic in many modern homes and it's created with a combination of crisp, vibrant colours set against and a neutral base.

2. Stone walls with high ceilings

Stone walls will always evoke a strong impression. In older homes, they often made interiors feel cosy and just a little dark. But the modern stone home combines stone walls with high ceilings and lots of white areas. This one is an aesthetic for those who love a sense of natural grandeur.

3. Less is more

The idea that less is more will serve you well in creating any modern interior. This doesn't mean a home looks unfinished or cold. These homes have a sense of balance that is often created by using striking monochromatic features arranged in a unifying fashion.

4. Dare to create an all-white interior

An all-white interior is certainly daring choice. It is a strong declaration in decorative terms and one that will give you lots of room to move with the furnishings. Create a sense of cosiness with this look by using lots of textures in the materials.

5. Or an all-black interior

All-black interiors are sexy, glamorous and a little bit dangerous. Like all-white interiors, they need lots of variety in the textures and detailing. They also provide the perfect backdrop for vibrant splashes of colour as seen in this living room.

6. Indulge in dazzling lighting

Home lighting technology has come a very long way in recent years. A modern interior usually has a slick and multi-layered lighting scheme. Gorgeous pendant lights, strip lights, plant lights and recessed ceiling lights are all options to consider.

7. Embrace textures

Modern homes are often devoid of the cutesy or nostalgic decorations that were once considered essential in a homely interior. That special homely feel is created in a modern home with lots of natural textures. Check out the stone garden, wooden floors and plush rug in this gorgeous minimalist home.

8. Immerse yourself in natural decor

Green living and environmental concerns are a very integral part of the modern interior. Natural materials magically work with neutral colour schemes and add a lot of interest and variety without upsetting the balance of a stripped back decor. The best part of all is that they add warmth to even the most minimalist modern home.

A modern home almost always has an open feel, for more inspiration check out 8 clever ways to open up a small home.

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