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6 tips your kid would love in their bedroom

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Most of a child's nurturing takes place at home and having a bedroom that reflects their character is of utmost importance. It's the place where bed time stories are told and where playtime is had, it's the place of homework and memories, so why not add some inspired design to make it memorable? The entire experience can bond a family closer together as you go through the process of paint selection and colour palettes, bed choice and whether to include their favourite character or superhero in the mix. It might be a bit daunting for some considering that children often change their minds and don't stick with the same choice for very long, but planning the small changes in advance can make their room a special environment.
So here are 6 ideas you kids will absolutely love in their bedroom!

Funky walls

A kid's room is a place where they play, talk, do their homework and enjoy their free time. The walls in their room therefore needs to become an expression of that safe haven. The blue hue used here simulates the sky with a fun tree added into the decoration to give an edge. It becomes a place of wonder and an environment filled with love, add in the treehouse bed with slide and you have an age old playroom that is both safe and can accommodate a playmate too. The use of natural wooden elements on the floor, desk and treehouse works perfectly with the blue walls. So add a touch of mystery, excitement and adventure by splashing a dash of colour to the bedroom, alternatively if you have the time and budget opt for a fun store-bought wallpaper, the look and feel of something different will make your kid feel extra special.

Camping bed

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Its important to discuss what makes you kid tick when doing a room makeover, your child needs to give input on their own bedroom so you can be sure that they will absolutely adore it. This camping bed is perfect for kids of families who love spending time enjoying the great outdoors! The bed resembles a log cabin with its own little roof, providing that special illusion of a safe haven for your child. Bringing in the natural wooden element into the cabinet as well continues with that same look and feel. The bed even has it's own reading lamp inside which is the perfect addition for kids that are already able to read by themselves. While the use of the yellow creates a sort of sunlight simulation to the room. It really is an exceptional and original option for any parent with a flair for the creative.

Artistic space

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Fine Little Day Pirum Parum Poster

Lullabuy Limited

This fun fruit poster is just one way to dress up the walls in your kids bedroom, it's adorably cute while being unconventional. While some children may have hidden artistic talents, it's the duty of parents to enhance and allow them to flourish. Ask your child which of their paintings they would like to frame and put together their own wall of fame in their room. Your encouragement will instill a sense of self-confidence and who knows? Your help will provide them with a platform to begin expressing their imagination. Add in a few canvas prints of family photos and you have your own family wall, something to always remember the special moments that have taken place in your lives.

Chalk it off

Children can spend hours colouring in and drawing, and to avoid them doing so on your lovely walls, add in a black board in their room. This form of entertainment will allow them hours of fun and is perfect for play dates. If your budget or walls cannot accommodate this purchase, the next best thing is black board paint which is available at any hardware store and comes in a variety of colours. Incorporating a measuring area on the black board will add to the excitement as children love to know that they are growing taller! A black board is an excellent learning opportunity for the whole family as word and number games here will provide fun for all! A black board option will not only prepare them for focusing before they start school, but is an excellent way to harness fine motor skills too.

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