A Fascinating Modern Tree-House in Pune

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The earth and star, Archtype Archtype Спальня
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Join us on today's tour to explore a spectacular home in Pune inspired by nature and tradition. The tour features the exteriors as well as the interiors of the home. You can expect to be impressed by its creative design which has an eye for detail and takes inspiration from the natural environment and Indian culture. The architects responsible for this beautiful project are none other than Archtype, based in India. You will see some common themes in the design through the use of specific materials such as stained glass and wood, and also through the use of specific styles, for example, vintage and rustic. 

We hope you will find some interesting ideas and refreshing inspiration for your home through this tour. Please don't forget to leave us some feedback in the end. Now, let's check out this spectacular home in Pune shall we? 

A slice of nature indoors

The earth and star, Archtype Archtype Вітальня

Pictured here we can see that a slice of nature has been brought indoors, beautifully and harmoniously. A big tree branch makes its way into the room through a small opening in the window, creating a lovely rustic, natural atmosphere. Mirrors and stained glass make this room more spacious, bright, and lively. 

An impressive entrance

The earth and star, Archtype Archtype Вітальня

The entrance pictured here is clearly dressed to impress with its classy stained glass door and traditional bronze ware adorning the main entrance. The wooden paneling on the ceiling and the natural stone tiles on the floor give us a warm welcome and a good introduction of the design feel we can expect in the interiors. 

A lush garden setting

The earth and star, Archtype Archtype Басейн

With a lush garden setting like this, you don't have to go far to find peace and tranquility. Surrounded by trees and greenery, the exteriors of the home is an oasis of calm, and the wrought iron garden furniture in deep green fits the space it takes up perfectly. To top it up, a peek of bright blue from the swimming pool completes this Utopian garden space. 

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A hidden facade

The earth and star, Archtype Archtype Басейн

The lush garden with its many trees does not only create a peaceful atmosphere, but partly hides the facade as well. The hidden facade maintains cooler temperatures indoors due to the shade, and it also has better privacy thanks to the thick foliage. Pictured here we also get a closer look of the refreshing swimming pool, creating the perfect ecosystem right outside the house. 

An earthy abode

The earth and star, Archtype Archtype Спальня

What a magical space this is surrounded by natural surroundings on the outside and enveloped by natural elements on the inside! The dark wooden furnishing add depth and contrast to the soothing atmosphere, while comfy seating imparts a cosy feel. This is the perfect space to rest and rejuvenate! 

A work of art

The earth and star, Archtype Archtype Спальня

This spacious bedroom is truly a work of art from the carefully planned out design to the thoughtful decorations. We can clearly see that lots of effort has been put into this place from all the small little details that make this bedroom the masterpiece it is. The abundance of glass doors and windows ensure that this room is always filled with natural light, giving it a beautiful glow. 

The wall of decorations

The earth and star, Archtype Archtype Стіни

Pictured here we see a close-up of the wall of decorations. The focal wall features a colourful stained glass window framed by wood, and indigenous art pieces carved out of stone. A vintage chair embezzled in a golden colour sits elegantly next to a rustic wooden table painted in blue. The result is a stimulating atmosphere with plenty of artistic appeal. 

An unusual ceiling

The earth and star, Archtype Archtype Спальня

Last but not least, this spectacular bedroom has an unusual ceiling which has caught our attention. To highlight the unusual shape of the ceiling, wooden beams have been placed strategically. Overall, the bedroom has a natural rustic look which is absolutely cosy. 

We hope you've enjoyed this tour as much as we have. For more home tips, inspiration, and interesting ideas, have a look at 18 ultra-modern houses from India.

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