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Ah, the ever-impressive staircase. That unique little contraption that not only serves to transport us from one floor to the next, but can also make a stylish statement as a focal- or décor piece. 

Yes, the staircase can draw the eye upwards, add a lofty and impressive touch to any interior, and can either complement or contrast with the existing style in the room. 

Another cool thing about staircases is their range of styles and layouts, from grand and majestic-sized creations to neat little spiral designs that can fit into some pretty tight spots.

To celebrate the beauty and functionality of the staircase (and grab some style tips, of course), find herewith 8 designs that we think take the regular old staircase to the next level.

1. Creative contrast

We kick off with a design that combines the best elements in two distinctly different materials. The chunky wooden steps are sturdy and eye-catching, while the glass balustrades are transparent and add a lightweight, modern feel to the design.

2. Scandinavian simplicity

Designed with the same pale timber as the floor, the minimalist-style staircase on the right beautifully rises out of the floor to ascend upwards. That chunky design ensures some clever shelf space as well.

3. A classic touch

It is our official opinion that this room wouldn’t have been half as elegant without that classic staircase’s presence. Crisp-white steps pair up with crystal-clear glass panes to bring in a subtle yet very stylish touch.

4. An exceptional design

Spiral staircase to the mezzanine Railing London Ltd Коридор
Railing London Ltd

Spiral staircase to the mezzanine

Railing London Ltd

This staircase definitely makes you look twice, due to the fact that it shies away from the standard curves we have come to expect from regular staircases. And notice that the handrail also stretches out a bit further than the normal 90 degrees. 

Definitely a model with a ‘look at me’ attitude.

5. The floating steps

This open-riser will make you feel like you’re floating instead of climbing to the level above. And the choice of materials (warm timber with raw stone) is simply astonishing, making this staircase a most successful focal piece.

6. A sculptural piece

Proyectos de interiorismo varios , estudio 60/75 estudio 60/75 Коридор
estudio 60/75

Proyectos de interiorismo varios

estudio 60/75

Definitely a model that doubles as a décor piece, this geometric design reminds us of long ago when we used to climb around on jungle gyms.

Most definitely not recommended after a few glasses of wine!

7. Is it a ladder?

No clear verdict has been reached on whether that left-side structure is more of a ladder than a staircase, or vice versa. But does it matter, seeing as how strong that industrial-style design fits in with the light neutrals of this modern space? 

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8. Flying high

This unique design can easily be mistaken for some floating shelves. But nevertheless, these clever steps take the term ‘floating steps’ to the next level by making you feel light as a feather while ascending to the next level.

Don’t overlook the bright little lights attributed to each step. 

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