7 Smart Home Designs for Hot and Humid Indian Weather

Ritika Tiwari Ritika Tiwari
CASA 1101 by Harquitectes, HARQUITECTES HARQUITECTES Вітальня
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What do we all desire on a hot summer day? 

A soothing, relaxing and comfortable home that can let us relax without being affected by the outside weather. While brightness in the house is always needed to some extent, the warmth of the sun sometimes brings humidity too and this is the last thing anyone will like to face.

This article focuses on a simple home inspiration that will help you transform the climate of your home according to your desire. Being inexpensive and easily applicable, these ideas are surely going to grab your attention.

​Garden House

MEERA SKY GARDEN HOUSE Guz Architects Будинки
Guz Architects


Guz Architects

You can’t even know what humidity is in this beautifully created house. The most pleasant display of architecture that nowhere seems to harm the laws of nature. There is water, greenery, and ample space to live in. If you truly want to stay free from the summer trauma, this is the perfect solution.

Totally Ventilated

This lavish home is the right example of a house meant for all kinds of weather as it brings fresh air in without much hassle. The ventilation is ample to let the fresh air enter the house as the glass sliders can be pulled anytime. Curtains can be pulled if there is a need to keep the house warm and cozy. The eco-friendly ambiance of the house maintains the coolness without spoiling its aesthetic.

​Nature’s Protection

homify Будинки

Humidity and heat are caused mainly because there are not enough trees to cut the effect of dangerous gasses and dust. That means plants can protect you from the wrath of summer. The owner and creators of this house took it seriously and planted natural sheds covering the entire area.

​Open to Outdoors

CASA 1101 by Harquitectes, HARQUITECTES HARQUITECTES Вітальня

Back home, we all wish to see a welcoming space that is not affected by the warm weather. The designers of this house tried to accomplish this purpose fruitfully and the success score is surely high. The open space in there consists of comfortable furniture, warm fabrics as well as nature. One can seat beneath the high ceiling well protected from the sun and can still enjoy the cool breeze. Get surrounded by your favorite book or a home theater, the choice is always yours.

​Green Treat

TERASSE 70 m2 Nantes centre ville, SO GREEN SO GREEN Тераса

Even the color of the chairs in this home décor has a soothing effect. Green is surely the color of happiness and charm, with this color around you, the harsh summer days cannot get near to you. To add to the drama, you can plant as many shrubs and bushes around you as you like. This place can surely be a rescue shelter amidst the hot summer days.

Keeping the humidity away

Casa Clásica en Segovia, Canexel Canexel Їдальня

Along with the sunrays, there comes unwanted dust particles creating a humid atmosphere inside. One common passage for these unwanted elements is the window. You need to be smart with the opening and closing of the window pane.

Close it during the day when the sun is the ruling element of nature. You can open it during the morning and night as the temperature automatically gets down at that time. The key is keeping the humidity away.

Rustic Shelter

Canonbury Square, IQ Glass UK IQ Glass UK Гараж/сарай
IQ Glass UK

Canonbury Square

IQ Glass UK

Technically, this is a garage space created with a multi-functionality approach. We can clearly see the greenery that surrounds the place. Among the lush green plants, there stands a small garage that can also be utilized for evening tea. Being open to the outdoors and covered with green trees, sun and humidity can hardly affect the place.

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