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The modern style most definitely conjures up ample possibilities for aesthetic quality. Far from only a linear layout dabbed in neutral colours, the modern style is also known for its minimal use of textures, its asymmetrical balance in furniture and layout, as well as its ability to amplify the illusion of space – which makes it the ideal style to opt for when faced with a rather small layout. 

Today’s discovery here on homify 360° makes expert use of all these features – and more – to treat us to a residence that flaunts a sharp and clean layout, as well as a decadent dose of glamour. 

See for yourself!

A contemporary character

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Seen from the street’s side, the house presents a very straightforward look that shouldn’t be confused with ‘dull’. Comprising two distinct volumes that make up the façade and interior spaces, a clean-lined design is definitely its main attraction, as well as a tranquil colour scheme consisting of light grey and white. 

Additional surfaces of glass and stone inject some interest and character into the façade.

Light and welcoming

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Located on a large plot that treats its owners to a spacious back yard, the house boasts a charming little social area designed in the same clean and subtle layout as the front side. Here we get to see the backyard terrace, complete with exterior dining/seating spots, as well as a fabulous balcony protruding from the top. 

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Brilliant balance

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Despite its robust visual presence, the formal design of the house shows off a perfect balance of geometric design. Just take a look at the eye-catching architectural creativity in the image above, where the top volume of the house protrudes outward to form a cantilevered look that helps to provide some stylish shade for the backyard terrace.

Light and bright interiors

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Typical of a modern design house, the interior socialising areas have been laid out in an open plan, resulting in a dining room that communicates seamlessly with the kitchen, and vice versa. 

Thanks to those generous sliding doors which open up onto the aforementioned terrace, an abundance of natural light filters indoors, making that interior colour palette positively glow with brightness.  

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The social heart of the home

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No socialising area is complete without a spot where food and drinks are prepared – fortunately, this modern house has an ultra fancy kitchen that takes care of that, as well as a picture perfect spot for socialising and entertaining. 

A monochrome colour palette gets to work and treats the culinary zone to a timeless look that seemingly balances in-between modern and classic. The black finishes of the cabinets, contrasting beautifully with the light whites and stainless steel surfaces, perfectly define this kitchen as a functional and aesthetically pleasing space.

A cosier living room

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Although keeping it modern, the living room opts for a much more cosy and intimate look than the rest of the ground-floor rooms. Those warm wooden floors, focal wall clad in natural stone, plush sofas, and spot of warm colours all add to the homely feel that is sure to make anybody want to plop down for some r&r.

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