The ideal modern family home – with plans!

Leigh Leigh
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Often we get so caught up in what the interior of our homes should look like that we completely neglect the exterior spaces!

Today, we are going to look at a very impressive project by design professionals Biuro Projektowe MTM Styl and see how they have created a very impressive family home exterior, which we could all learn a thing or two from!

We will even get a chance to see the home right from the planning stages and witness just how much thought, creativity and detail went into creating the ideal modern exterior.

The perfect family home

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From the front, we can see that this is the perfect family home!

While this is a one-storey home, it is expansive, certainly holding all sorts of interior delights. The designers have gone for neutral colours throughout the facade, with a beige wall, wooden finishes and a warm-toned red roof. This creates a homely and inviting look and feel. 

The garden is also a very important addition to the facade, complementing it with its lush greenery and manicured lawn. Remember that your garden plays a huge role in the first impression that people will get of your home. Make sure that its neat, trimmed and beautiful.

A garden path is very neat and sleek, running from the street up to the front door. 

There is also a garage featured – a must for any family home. It allows cars, skateboards, surfboards and other items to be stored neatly out of sight. The result is a very neatly packaged home!

The backyard

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The backyard is incredibly impressive!

The home spills out onto a very lavish looking swimming pool area, which undoubtedly offers the family plenty of opportunity for activities and fun especially in the warm summer months. The pool is quite large, thus also creating the perfect spot for early morning laps for exercise. The designers have really made the most of the space available to them!

The wooden deck that surrounds the swimming pool is the perfect material as its durable and non-slip. It also creates a modern and trendy look and feel throughout this area of the exterior. It is furnished with very modern deck chairs, which provide a comfortable spot for relaxing, having afternoon naps and reading books.

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The terrace

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Beyond the pool area, the garden features a gorgeous and classic wooden terrace, which is the ideal place to host dinners under the stars or lunches in the fresh breeze. 

The designers have placed some stylish wooden furniture on the terrace, which serves as an outdoor dining area. Wood is an excellent material for outdoor furniture as it will last in all weather conditions. You can add some cushions to the chairs for comfort if need be.

Another option for this spot would be to build a shaded area over it, which may make it that much more comfortable.

The entrance

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Your entrance is the first impression that people will get of your home so you want it to be warm and inviting. This is exactly what the designers have achieved here!

The wooden door features a slice of glass in it, which allows visitors to have a little glimpse into what is going inside the house, without compromising on the family's privacy. The light wood of the door is also a warm and welcoming tone.

The designers have made sure that the lighting is adequate here too, so that visitors or even family members can see exactly where they are going if they come around after dark.

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The plan

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In this image, we can see how the designers created a detailed plan of how the how the house would be laid out. This is a great tip for anyone looking to build a home as it ensures that you are on the same page as the designers. 

Ask them to explain each room and each symbol as well as show you the details. For example, in this drawing you'll see that each room is marked by the amount of square metres that it will take up – this is very useful to know.

Planning and preparation result in the most perfect execution – as we can see here!

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