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A couple build their home in 50 square metres, with love and a low budget

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by OBBA Сучасний
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A lack of space results in one of two things: a cluttered look, or some clever tricks to make that small space functional and stylish. 

Here on homify we are all about style, which means if it’s a small space or a cluttered look, you can definitely expect some creative solutions from our side. Coming to us today is an amazing project from South Korea where a small and challenging building site resulted in some very creative ideas to turn limited legroom into a clever and stylish home.

And that’s just on the inside: outside, the architecture defies its small dimensions and boasts with a very spectacular look that one seldom sees – unless you’re a regular here on homify, of course. 

But what makes this project even more unique is the fact that all of what we’re about to witness was achieved on a tiny budget, something which most of us are familiar with.

So, for the love of beauty and quality, and to get some stylish tips yourself, scroll right ahead…

Rising to the occasion

by OBBA Сучасний

The professionals at architectural firm OBBA definitely had their work cut out for them when they were presented with this long and lean building site. To make things even more interesting, this steep topography is a prime candidate for flooding during the wet season. 

However, problems were transformed into solutions, and as you can see, the finished result is a bold piece of architecture (with a floor space of only 50 square metres) that makes prime use of its vertical space. At the end of the day, our architects finished their project on time and well within their budget.

The detailed plan

сучасний  by OBBA , Сучасний

A house with such a unique structure definitely needs more than in- and outside photos, which is why we thought it appropriate to include an in-depth look of the relationship between the build and the site via a detailed rendering. This cross section perspective above allows us to see just how cleverly the architects went about creating a practical house on such a difficult terrain. 

The tall volume (clad in zinc, as see in our first photo) shoots upwards and provides the best views of the surrounding terrain. Entrance to the house is made on the upper level, which is also where we locate communal areas designed to be as open and spacious as possible. 

Now that we have a better understanding of this house’s layout and structure, let’s continue…

A purr-fect touch

by OBBA Сучасний

The main function of a staircase, as you may know, is to provide access between different floors. However, the staircase in this particular house comes with a little twist. 

On the right, we can see the staircase made from locally sourced timber, flaunting a warm and charming touch. Those warm caramel colours provide the perfect contrast within this mostly-white layout. 

But just what do we discover on the left-hand side? A fancy little miniature staircase designed exclusively for the owner’s cats, allowing them prime (and much easier) access to the upstairs area as well. 

Imagine the “oohs” and “aahs” heard here upon guests seeing that cute little contraption for the very first time.

Clever interaction between different areas

by OBBA Сучасний

Space inside this home doesn’t function as it would in other houses. But then again, this house is not your typical house, is it? Due to its unique layout, the house’s creators have coordinated the rooms to accommodate a multitude of different activities. 

As seen in the photo above, interaction is a key ingredient for the interior layouts. Notice how the breakfast bar neatly divides the kitchen from the dining area, cleverly fulfilling the task of a dining table in the process while allowing the diners to be at perfect eye level with the cook. 

Making prime use of the vertical space, a loft area was built above the kitchen, adding some extra room where the owners can either relax alone or socialise to their hearts’ content with visitors.

A wonderful view

by OBBA Сучасний

Apart from neutral tones and clean surfaces, what else do the owners enjoy while in the living room? This splendid view, for one thing. Thanks to a generous glass door, the exterior view of the homes and lush trees become a prime décor element that very few houses can boast about. 

Notice the wall space above the door being used as a screening area for movies, some more evidence that, in this particular house, there is no such thing as wasted space.

Squeezing out some storage space

by OBBA Сучасний

Whether large or small, every household requires storage space. And since we’ve already seen how clever this particular structure can be, we are not surprised at all by its creative use of storage opportunities. 

Right next to the kitchen, an attractive and practical shelf unit was custom built to fit nicely in-between the gaps of the outer and partisan walls. This design makes a big difference to the family’s storage space, showing us once again how necessity is indeed the mother of invention. 

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The floor plan

сучасний  by OBBA , Сучасний

We conclude our tour of this very clever home by looking at the architect’s floor plan of the ground floor. Clever layouts and a minimum amount of furniture help ensure that the homeowners don’t have to deal with a cluttered look. 

All in all, this is most definitely a layout (and inventive use of space) that one seldom gets to see in a family house.

by Casas inHAUS Сучасний

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