5 examples of transforming an old house to a modern home

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Paula Mariasch - Juana Grichener - Iris Grosserohde Arquitectura Будинки
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An entrance door speaks volumes about the style quotient of a home irrespective of its position. It is therefore not a surprise that all homeowners strive to create an impressive entrance that is attractive and appealing. A perfect entranceway is one which reflects the grandeur of the inside and opens up to a welcoming mat or rug with a cheerful message. 

Here are five entrance ways that have undergone dramatic transformation to turn them from dull to charming facades that impress. Materials like wood, stained glass, metal patterns and artificial adornments have added class and elegance to the entrance doors making them the perfect showpiece to a beautiful house.

1. Old Facade

This plain home built in minimalist style had wide flight of brick stairs leading up from a metal gate set within the boundary wall. Besides the length and breadth of the building, the facade itself is nothing impressive about it with dull brown balconies. A narrow strip of garden between the house and boundary wall is the only cheerful element about the front facade.

Now – Modern and contemporary

Sandstone cladding has given the house exterior a modern and contemporary touch as it perfectly blends multiple materials together in an artistic manner. The old balconies have turned into more private spaces by synchronizing it with facade extension. The entrance gate has been removed and now there is pretty sit-out above the entrance-way that acts as an unhindered balcony.

2. Faded and out-dated

What was once a pretty pink and maroon rear entrance has now faded out and looks out-dated beside other trendy new buildings in the neighbourhood. Plain grille door and similar designed windows are more suited to prisons and make a home look like a jail. The space between home and boundary wall that had been left aside for making a garden now lies neglected. Let us know see how the designers have used their ingenuity to transform the façade to a more updated version.

Facade of glass and cement

The facade remodeled by Paula Mariasch Architects is unrecognizable after the change as all traces of the old design have been removed and the new structure now extends to the boundary wall. Cloistered walls have given way to trendy glass doors in the renovated doorway that bring in natural light. Empty open space on the terrace has been covered to increase residential space and both areas are connected with a modern staircase.

3. Plain and simple

As a simple single family dwelling that is focused on enjoying open space available on the property the front facade is without adornment. A plain awning serves as a roof for cozy sit-out before sliding glass doors. The wide lawn and garden make up for the lack of beauty in the decade old house.

Graceful entrance

The entrance has been completely transformed with an earthy brick facade and trendy sit-out along with a tiled roof set on brick columns. The floor plan too has been changed with a new level built above the existing one with modern rectangular windows. The front facade now looks trendy with a pretty hammock on the veranda that is built away from the main door.

4. Worn out and shabby

Peeling paint and walls stained by water and mold make this front entrance appear sad and neglected. While the rickety door may be an antique from bygone era it certainly requires a more dignified setup than this shabby setup. Even the terrace banister that was once trendy and smart has now turned into a rickety structure with worn out paint and discolored glass.

Shiny and smart

Isn’t the antique front door looking smart and bright with the white surroundings? The entrance now looks warm and welcoming with a door covered in fresh coat of deep brown paint and clean walls. The shabby balcony above the door now looks like a solid structure with support of iron bars below and without scars of mold or water on the walls.

Transformation from neglected and abandoned to slick and modern

One look at the before and after pictures of this home in Buenos Aires shows how important it is to maintain the front facade against wear and tear on a regular basis. Though made with modern materials, a few years of neglect turned the facade into a picture of shabbiness neglect. Renovations have given an entirely new look to the house as tilted roofs have been replaced with flat ones and glass windows bring in natural light throughout the day.

If these renovations have picked up your interest in entrance doors then do explore these ideas for a stunning entrance door for inspiration.

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