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Lovely LED lamps

Sheila Byers Sheila Byers
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Today we feel inspired, or should I say enlightened, to talk about lighting design. After more than a century since Thomas Edison’s invention, we have had profound changes in both technology and lifestyle that have resulted in new tastes. The history of design embodies these changing tastes, just like the history of fashion and art. As for design applied to lighting, we can say that there has been at least one major, decisive technological innovation in this field: the invention of the LED in 1962 by Nick Holonyak Jr.

Without going into the minute details of his revolutionary invention, suffice it to recall the general advantages that this technology provides: the 50.000 hours that an LED can last compared with 1200 for a common incandescent light bulb, the lower cost of maintenance and, last but not least, the lower bulk and volume. This has greatly affected the world of design. Today, we have gathered the best products from our designers on homify to present objects that allow you to illuminate your living room, your dining room or bedroom. They’re great designs that show style, uniqueness and elegance.

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