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Belgravia 2 TLA Studio
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Leather is one of the most durable and aesthetically pleasing hard wearing materials in the furniture and design industry. It can be soft, flexible, pliable and can be produced at manufacturing scales ranging from home-based to factory-based. Leather also has the flexibility of being stretched thin or thick to create any bespoke furniture piece.

Today, we have selected ten ways to show you how leather can be used throughout your home. From luxurious leather beds and free-standing tables, to comfy leather sofas and designer arm chairs. Available in a wide variety of colours, durability and forms, you can be sure to find the perfect leather piece for your home. Feast your imagination on the examples below and take in some lovely leather detail inspiration.

Leather bed

Arthur Tall Faux Leather Bed homify СпальняЛіжка та спинки

Arthur Tall Faux Leather Bed


Leather can, literally, be used to upholster anything you want. This lovely bed from Living It Up, is so luxurious, you will be asleep in seconds. The butter soft brown (faux) leather is all-around you in such a bold form. It will catch your eye the second you see it. Compliment it with natural and natural tones, otherwise you could end up with a boudoir that is too much. The bed is such a strong statement piece, we wouldn't want to steal it's light with a wallpaper that is too bright. 

Designer desk

Leather desk and leather fronted cupboard doors Hide and Stitch Навчання/офісСтоли
Hide and Stitch

Leather desk and leather fronted cupboard doors

Hide and Stitch

You read us right. A desk, that is encased in leather. It is incredible to look at and it is upholstered in leather hide from the top to the bottom. At first glance, we could be mistaken for thinking it was a dark wood, but upon closer inspection, we can start to see it isn't. The desk is elegant and stylish, making it perfect for any home office. It blends in effortlessly to it's surroundings and is the perfect finishing touch to the room.

Splash of colour

Belgravia 2 TLA Studio
TLA Studio

Belgravia 2

TLA Studio

Having an ottoman in any living room is a lovely addition. They can add extra storage and, as here, double as a coffee table. In a room full of browns, this leather hide ottoman is brilliant. In a stark and bright red colour, it really goes with the room and helps raise it up to a new level. The low profile makes it the perfect coffee table and it has such a big impact on the room as a whole.

Designer cube

TALLER R ВітальняДивани та крісла

Leather chairs are one of the most common forms of leather hide upholstery. It is certainly the one we are most used to seeing. However, that isn't to say that it can't be modern and contemporary too. This chair is very much something new and well designed. It isn't like a Chesterfield, and it takes leather right up to modern day living. It is a classic cubist shape that will age well and remain classic, yet modern, for many years to come.

Storage trunk

Leather Vintage Side Trunks Locus Habitat ВітальняДивани та крісла
Locus Habitat

Leather Vintage Side Trunks

Locus Habitat

We would struggle to find a better example of leather hide upholstery than this trunk. Clearly this is cow hide, which is one of the most common leathers used. This beautiful trunk is something that could be used for travel, but ultimately it is an ornamental piece.. With lots of storage it would be perfect in any bedroom or living room as an additional piece of furniture. The colour scheme is very natural, so it lends itself very well to all kinds of decor.

A statement

Office: personality and exclusivity Lapèlle Design Навчання/офісАксесуари та прикраси
Lapèlle Design

Office: personality and exclusivity

Lapèlle Design

We never expected to come across something quite like this. It is a large leather wall hanging, and the geometric design is an eye stopper. It is not only something to decorate your room with, it is a work of art in itself. No matter where you hang this it is going to be a talking point. It is very individual and would need the right room to go in because it does make such an impactful statement. There is nothing understated about it and the sheer boldness of it is why we love it.

Luxurious cushions

Genuine leather cushions Miyabi casa
Miyabi casa

Genuine leather cushions

Miyabi casa

Made from incredibly soft lamb leather, these golden delights are a cushion that would add a real sense of glamour to any room. Use them to embellish your bed or sofa and sink into them and relax. We love the sheer boldness of them, yet paired with the right room, they will just add a sense of style and elegance, without going overboard.

Leather sideboards

Classic Side Storage Trunk Locus Habitat ВітальняЗберігання
Locus Habitat

Classic Side Storage Trunk

Locus Habitat

We really have looked at lots of leather, from ottomans to chairs. Now how about something for a dining room? This would look stunning in a traditional style dining room, with a dark oak table and light furnishings. The four drawer unit would be an excellent addition to any dining room, giving lots of storage and something a little different. Clad in brown leather, it looks vintage and very visually appealing.

A comfy chair

Leather Acapulco chair Ocho Workshop ВітальняТабурети та стільці
Ocho Workshop

Leather Acapulco chair

Ocho Workshop

The leather Acapulco chair is something very different indeed. It stands out from the crowd of traditional leather chairs easily. Made from twisted leather and a metal frame, it is very contemporary. The style allows the eye to pass right through it, making the chair blend in effortlessly to any room it sits in, and whoever sits in it, will feel very happy indeed.

Walls and storage

Leather Clad Study Wall Hide and Stitch Навчання/офісЗберігання
Hide and Stitch

Leather Clad Study Wall

Hide and Stitch

Well, why not? We have seen everything today, and this leather wall with hidden drinks cabinet is the perfect way to end any day. The leather panels add a real sense of luxury and would make any room feel very special. This soft tan leather provides a little bit of storage too, with it's own illumination. Make your guest try and work out where the drinks cabinet is, as you show off your lovely home. We think it would go very well in a room with a country feel and complimented by country furniture.

For more leather ideas, have a look at our Ideabook: Luxurious leather bedroom furniture

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