9 of the best patio floors that you can copy!

Leigh Leigh
homify Тераса Керамічні Синій
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Perhaps you are wondering right this minute what materials to buy for the floor of the patio? Or you may be wondering what the best material is for this space in general?

Over the course of history, many people have been faced with this dilemma because it can be so difficult to make the right choice. The floor of our patio or terrace should be able to cope with any climate!

The patio is the ideal place to rest, relax or even do some work so it's important to get the style right. All of the elements play an important role in terms of design and decor, but it is the flooring that will set the tone for it. 

So let's have a look at the following materials to see what will suit your patio flooring, giving it the best overall appearance.

Let's go!

1. Spectacular stone

Like wood, this material is a flagstone when it comes to patio flooring. It gives the place a very rustic and natural look, which often steals the attention of everyone!

Some stones have a slightly rounded shape, which can also be polished and moulded. If varnished with the right treatment, these stone can contribute warmth and naturalness to a patio thanks to its soft beige colour. It will be able to work with any type of furniture too!

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2. Polished concrete

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There are so many flooring products available for your patio, which can be adapted depending on the budget that you have available. But one material that suits any space and doesn't cost an arm and a leg is polished concrete. 

Giving an industrial look and feel to the patio, polished concrete is usually easily maintained and very resistant. It can also be designed in various shapes and colours. 

Ensure that you get a professional to install it for you!

3. Bamboo wood

Hardwood floors have a long list of advantages, including their warmth. This materials makes for a very cosy and fresh environment, while its durability ensures that it can stand the test of time. The lifetime of a wooden floor can be around 50 years!

It also works so well with whatever patio furniture you opt for!

However, wooden floors are susceptible to some deformation or deterioration by moisture or if there is a lack of maintenance. Yet, you cannot doubt the elegance and naturalness that it brings to the home. 

4. Ceramic tiles with floral patterns

homify Тераса Керамічні Синій

When we talk about price and budget, ceramic tiles are much more accessible than other materials on the market and can be found more frequently. This material also features many designs, styles, sizes, colours and prices.

Whatever ceramic tiles you go for, it's important that a specialist installs or places the tiles down – you don't want a mishap!

This material is very resistant to water as well as most climate conditions. 

Tip: With so many options available, choose a style that will match the rest of the decor in this space.

5. Clay

The patio is often the part of the home that has the most direct contact with nature, therefore you can decorate it with flowers, plants, furniture and decor accessories.

But don't forget about the flooring!

The flooring can be perfectly decorated with clay, bringing in different colours including red, beige and brown. This increases the intrigue around this area, where visitors have to pay close attention to the detail of the flooring. It also adds that natural touch!

6. Gravel

It is no secrete that the materials we choose for the flooring of our outdoor spaces is very important because they are in direct contact with the climate, including excessive heat or rain. It is very necessary to choose a material that meets these durability needs. 

Gravel can be a great option as it is everything that we could possibly need. It also is easy to install and because it is made up of small stones, can fit into any area easily.

7. Layers of natural stone

Stone is the most durable material, with lots of stamina despite wear and tear of time and constant use.

However, this material must be used very carefully as it brings in a very cool and sometimes hard look. It is therefore ideal to choose some decorative rugs to complement the design, which can be swapped out to bring in different design styles to this space. 

This material is ideal for balconies and terraces as stone is highly resistant to moisture and sunlight.

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8. Rubber

WARCO Bodenbeläge


WARCO Bodenbeläge

This is a very easy material to install and is one of the most modern and popular materials on the market at the moment.

This is one of the most accessible materials when it comes to budget and it does not need to be glued or hammered to the floor, which makes it easy to use.

This material also has an elastic compound so you can walk on it barefoot very easily. It insulates in both heat and cold, creating a very temperate atmosphere on the patio without losing elegance.

9. A beautiful fusion of various materials

homify Тераса

Do you want wood? Do you also like rubber? Maybe you are locked in a dilemma about which materials is most suitable for the floor of the patio, however there are several materials that can be fused together, producing a perfect combination. 

One of the most common combinations is between wood and stone, like in this design. This allows the residents to enjoy a warm yet stylish atmosphere as the coldness produced by the stone is counteracted by the warmth of the wood.

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