An Indian Family Home Where Tradition Meets the Latest Trends

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Aishwarya Developers Тераса Алюміній / цинк Янтарний / Золотий
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Join us on this tour today to explore an Indian family home where tradition meets the latest trends. Here you will find unique ideas to decorate your home with traditional Indian elements, vintage stuff, and the most fashionable furnishings. The beautiful home is designed by Aishwarya Developers, interior designers and decorators based in Cochin, India. 

As we take you on this tour, remember to look closely so that you don't miss any of the beautiful details that make this home truly unique. We hope you will find some interesting ideas and refreshing inspiration for your home through this tour. Please don't forget to leave us some feedback in the end. Now, let's check out this home shall we? 

A unique entrance

With a unique entrance like this, a positively unforgettable first impression is inevitable. The walk-in entrance has steps leading up to the traditional style door, while the other entrance is guarded by a shiny black gate with silver details. Garden beds have been prepared all around the house to enhance the aesthetics of the house's exteriors with vegetation. 

Chic poolside patio

This chic poolside patio with its comfy sofas and cosy ambiance, is the perfect way to relax and enjoy the view of the pool from a well-shaded and ventilated area. The patio also merges the indoors with the outdoors in a seamlessly harmonious manner. A glass sliding door separates the interiors from the outdoors, but yet allows plenty of natural light in, and views outside. Finally, details like the exposed brick pillars give this space a trendy industrial design style. 

A traditional interior design layout

Pictured here we see a spacious hall with shiny creamy floor tiles, and pink and white cabinets. The wash basin placed in a corner of the hall is actually a very traditional type of interior design layout as most Indian families use their fingers to eat instead of cutlery. Therefore, having a sink close to the dining area makes a lot of sense. 

Ethnic decorations and small details

A home with personality can easily be achieved with ethnic decorations and small details. For example, here we see traditional oil lamps and various brass ornaments being used to decorate this space. The small corner pictured here is further highlighted as a focal point with the accented pillar and the strips of white and black pebbles surrounding it at its base. 

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Elegant living room

Although it's not a big living room, it makes use of the space it has really well with its well-planned layout and distribution. The light colour scheme used and the decorative mirror also helps to make this room feel more spacious. Other than that, the abundance of large windows also helps to make this small space airy and bright. Minimally and elegantly decorated, this space creates the perfect space to unwind and relax. 

Vintage decorations

Last but not least, vintage decorations like this gramophone add an old world charm to this dining area. The dark wood furniture used here coordinates well with the retro style this space is trying to achieve slowly. There's more to be done with this space of course, but this is just something to spark our imaginations. 

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