A Lavish Villa Filled with Cosy and Exotic Touches

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Encuentro, Estudio Moron Saad Estudio Moron Saad Басейн
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Today we are in Buenos Aires, and this vibrant and lively capital of Argentina is dotted with stately and fashionably contemporary architectures. And while exploring the city’s European atmosphere and passion for tango, we chanced upon this opulent and sprawling villa called Encuentro. 

Designed by the architects at Estudio Moron Saad, this abode delights with its enticing exteriors and comfy and serene interiors. Touches of rusticity, earthy and bright hues, simple but chic designs and practical accents make this house a perfect place for sharing a happy life with loved ones.

Elegant Opulence on the Outside

Encuentro, Estudio Moron Saad Estudio Moron Saad Басейн

The sandy-hued walls house a number of surprises as you round its various corners. From sit outs to barbeque counters and pool as well as terraces and Mediterranean touches – this rustic exotic home has it all! 

The large arches and the terracotta shingles on the roof tops make for a charming effect, even as the lighting from within casts a golden glow on the expansive façade. Verdant and well-maintained lawns add to the beauty of the property too.

Layered with Rustic Elements: The Living Room

Encuentro, Estudio Moron Saad Estudio Moron Saad Вітальня

The living room is well layered with comfort and a cosy vibe, thanks to the fine craftsmanship at play here. The stone fireplace and the sleek yet raw finished shelves lay down the rule here: simplicity in layers, fun in colours. 

The soothing, muted colours shine in the light from the fireplace, and the clever lighting embedded in the shelves!

Secured within Arches of Style: The Dining Room

Encuentro, Estudio Moron Saad Estudio Moron Saad Їдальня

This dining room is filled with a soothing rustic quality that has a fanciful vibe. 

The light from the oversized lamps hanging over the table creates a warm and welcoming glow, while the vibrant artwork acts as the perfect folly for the modern dining table and chairs.

Aesthetic Functionality in the Kitchen

Encuentro, Estudio Moron Saad Estudio Moron Saad Кухня

The kitchen is a huge space with lots of work stations and floor to ceiling shelves in solid wood, giving the impression of the olden days. 

You may even expect to see old barrels tucked away in the corner. The modern appliances and work stations make this a stylish and practical space.

A Pretty and Cosy Bedroom

Encuentro, Estudio Moron Saad Estudio Moron Saad Спальня

There are a number of bedrooms in this property and they all have a sophisticated palette that begs you to sink in with style. Yet, this bedroom caught our eye thanks to the onion pink hue on the walls, which is whimsical but sophisticated with its muted and rich tone. 

The vibrant wall fabric hanging over the headboard and the neat lamp leaning over the colourful throw pillows make this a fun space indeed!

The Fairytale Bedroom

Encuentro, Estudio Moron Saad Estudio Moron Saad Спальня

The fairytale theme in this bedroom has been given a strong South American twist with this robust aqua shade. In the meanwhile, the white four poster bed with its pretty pink drapes and pastel cushions promise hours of girlish fun!

Natural Finishes in the Bathroom

Encuentro, Estudio Moron Saad Estudio Moron Saad Ванна кімната

Of the many bathrooms in this home, this one appealed to us in a raw, natural way, thanks to the stone finishes and the modern sinks that make a stunning design statement. The mirror cabinet is a sensible addition which enhances the spaciousness of the bathroom, and caters to storage.

This luxurious but earthy villa impresses us with its vibrant pops of colour, rustic accents, natural finishes, and comfy furnishing. Here's another ideabook that might pique your interest too - A Luxurious Villa Where Style Reigns Supreme.

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